Protect your hearing by activating phone notifications on your iPhone

Whether you’re concentrating on a treadmill or recording for a distraction environment, it’s tempting to put your phones out there to listen to and play audio. iphoneHowever, bombardment that goes unheard on a regular basis — especially at maximum volume — can negatively affect a person’s hearing for a long time. iOS users who regularly use their audio devices should explore Apple’s many resources that help improve their listening experience.

in accordance with WHOMore than 700 million people could have severe hearing loss by 2050, and Apple’s research seems to confirm that estimate. The Cupertino-based company has integrated active wireless cancellation into its most recent Bluetooth wireless phones — or AirPods Pro and AirPods Max — to help improve and master listening. Meanwhile, the next iPhone has some settings that help users keep the phone in use and keep the volume at a higher level.

The iPhone can send a notification to the user when the user needs to lower the volume on the connected earphones.configuration‘, toque’me and touch‘, than in’Earphone security† At the end, alternating ‘Phone notification heardthey. It’s worth noting that in some countries this configuration can be enabled by default, while in others it may not be allowed to be disabled. Users can also find mobile phone notifications on the overview sheet of the Apple Health app.

There is an extra’reduce high-pitched sounds‘Functions below’Earphone securityA menu that iPhone users can activate. With the alternative enabled, they can snap in the descriptive control and filter out anything that exceeds the selected decibel level limit. According to Apple, the higher the sound, the less users are exposed to it. For example, listening to a volume of 80 decibels (dB) for more than 40 hours in 7 days can increase the likelihood that someone has hearing loss. Define with that in mind’reduce high-pitched sounds‘Limiting the volume to lower levels can be more difficult for the user’s audience.

Phone notifications are triggered when the user exceeds the recommended 7-day limit WHO† Observe the audio for 7 days and calculate the limits using a combination of volume and time. The higher the volume, the less time the user can listen safely and the faster the limit is set. The details of the notification phone can be displayed when launching the Health application. toque’squeaking like‘no song inferior right of matter and selection’to belong. † select ‘Phone notification heard‘See all data related to phone notifications that may have been activated.

Audio media is more accurate on Apple or Beats listening phones. However, the audio played by other brands of listening phones can be estimated from the volume of the iPhone. If iPhone users often choose non-Apple Bluetooth headphones for their listening activities, classifying the device correctly can improve accuracy through two audio levels. To do this, go to “configuration‘Followed by’Bluetooth‘then click’information‘(icon i) next to the name of the third party heard phone. battery ‘Equipment type‘then choose’listening phoneso that every time you connect to iphone

source: Apple support

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