Receive a Spotify coupon with the Viral Receiptify app

Part of the fun of using Spotify is to watch your favorite music fade over time and thanks to a site you can see your listening skills turned into a digital receipt. One of the best sources of Spotify is Spotify Wrapped. At the end of each year, Spotify Wrapped reunites all your music from the past year, analyzing and providing you with your best and most interesting stats – how often you skip listening to music, your favorite songs, new artists you discover, etc. But Wrapped only happens once a year. And do you want to see these statistics with the highest frequency?

This is where third party sites come in handy. If you agree to share your Spotify activity with other sites, there are many fun ways to watch your audience. Stats For Spotify shows simple details of the main artists, artists and genres. Festify turns your audience data into a festival program, while Obscurify shows you what ambiguity/arbitrariness your musical preferences are. Spotify already collects and stores your activity in the first place so you can get something legal out of it.

Another such site is Receiptify. As the name suggests, Receiptify analyzes your Spotify activity and converts it into a receipt. If you always want to see how your Spotify audience was printed on a Walgreens or Target receipt, that’s basically what Receiptify does. The reception was created by Michelle Liu in September 2020, with Liu originally announcing on Twitter, saying: “I was willing to do something today and then spend the coding day! create a ‘receipt’ based on you but addicted to Spotify :)). †

If you want to create your own Spotify coupon, using Receiptify is very easy. To get started, open the web browser on your phone/tablet/laptop and visit the reception site. Click/tap the green ‘Sign in with Spotify’ button at the top of the screen, log in to your Spotify account and confirm that you agree to your account being entered by Receiptify. When you do this, the Receiptify will ask if you want to see a standard Spotify coupon in your last month, six months, or forever. After you select one of the three options, Receiptify will immediately display your intended Spotify coupon.

The Spotify receipt starts with a fake order number, your name and day date at the top. Below is a list of their ten best songs, with their names and the duration of each song. The receipt all has a ‘contagem de itens’ of their numbers, the ‘total’ amount of how long all the numbers have been, a fake card number and a ‘Thank you for visiting!’ message on the bottom part. When combined with the folded receipt, all the text is displayed, it actually looks like someone printed a real receipt for your Spotify account.

After you get your Spotify for creation, sharing it on social media is very easy. Select the blue “Download Image” button below the receipt to save it to your device’s photo library. Then open your favorite social media app, upload a photo and share it like any other image. So you made your proposal and shared it Spotify receipt.

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