Receive Yahoo Instant Mail Alerts for New Messages

When we get a new message in our Yahoo Mail account, we want to know right away. One way is to revisit the website.

Another, much easier way is to let your browser do it yourself – with a little help from Yahoo Mail. You can configure some settings on the website to send desktop alerts through your browser when a new email arrives in your Yahoo! Mail account. Here’s how.

  1. Enable desktop notifications in your browser
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Safari
  5. Receive instant email notifications of new posts in your browser
  6. Receive Yahoo Instant Mail alerts for new messages via IMAP

Enable desktop notifications in your browser

To receive alerts from Yahoo, enable desktop notifications in your browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the Chrome menu button.

  2. Click Institutions

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Additionally to display additional options.

  4. under the title Privacy and Security Click Site Settings

  5. Click notifications

  6. Make sure the switch is next to Questions before shipping enabled. This setting enables notifications and gives you control over every site you visit.

  7. To manually grant permission to a website, click To add under the title Allow and then enter the site address.

    Under the Block heading, make sure Yahoo isn’t listed. Then click on the three dots on the right and click on “Delete”.

  8. You do not need to manually add sites to the allowed list. They will ask for permission on the first visit.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu in the top right corner of the window and click Institutions

  2. On the menu Privacy and Security Click Institutions Near notifications

  3. If Yahoo Mail shows up on this screen, make sure the permission is set to: Allow

  4. If there is no Yahoo Mail Allow next to it, click the drop-down menu and select that option.


  1. Select Safari > “Preferences” from the menu in Safari.

  2. Go to the tab notifications

  3. Check box Allow websites to request permission to send push notifications

  4. If Yahoo Mail appears in the above window, make sure it is set to: Allow

Receive instant email notifications of new posts in your browser

When your browser is set up, an alert will appear as soon as new email arrives in your Yahoo Mail inbox as follows:

  1. Open Yahoo Mail in a web browser.

  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.

  3. Click Additional Settings

  4. Click notifications

  5. Click the switch to turn it on/blue.

  6. You may receive an OK notification request from this site. If you do, click Allow

  7. Close Yahoo Mail and reopen it in your browser. Leave it open to send you notifications.

Receive Yahoo Instant Mail alerts for new messages via IMAP

If you want to be notified almost immediately of new messages arriving in your Yahoo Mail account, you can also:

  1. Set up a Yahoo Mail account in your email program or email controller using IMAP (with IMAP IDLE enabled).

  2. Make sure your e-mail program is running and set to notify you of new messages.

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