Remove background in CorelDRAW

When placing a bitmap over a colored background in CorelDRAW, you may not want the solid bitmap background to obscure the underlying object. You can remove the background color with the Color Mask tool.

Guidelines for Uninstalling CorelDRAW

  1. Open a CorelDRAW document and go to File Import to locate the bitmap and load it into your document.

  2. The cursor changes to an angle bracket. Click and drag a rectangle where you want to place your bitmap, or click once on the page to place your bitmap and adjust its size and position later.

  3. With the bitmap selected, go to the section bitmaps Bitmap Color Mask † The grid mask settings window appears.

  4. Make sure in the settings window is selected hide colors

  5. Check the box for the first color selection box.

  6. Select the eyedropper under the selected colors and then click the background color you want to remove. The color selection box changes to the color you selected.

  7. Click Apply

    You will notice that there are still some extra pixels left after applying the change. You can adjust the tolerance to fix this: move the tolerance slider to the right to increase the percentage, then click Apply

  8. To skip additional colors in the bitmap, select the next check box in the color picker and repeat the steps.


  1. If you change your mind, you can use the color edit button (next to the eyedropper) to change the omitted color. Or uncheck one of the boxes and click Apply start over.

  2. You can save color mask settings in CorelDRAW for later use by pressing the dial in the settings panel.

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