The quality of operation of the refrigerator is influenced by a special sealing gum located on the door. This elastic band does not allow masses of warm air from the environment to enter the interior of the refrigerator compartment. However, if this gum is broken, gaps and small holes form between the tape and the door. In this case, the body of the refrigerator ceases to maintain the cold at the correct level. This, in turn, leads to a change in the temperature regime inside the refrigeration chamber, which disrupts the temperature balance necessary for the storage of products.

Use boiling water

If the sealing gum moves away from the refrigerator door, then this problem can be solved with boiling water. To do this, it must be dismantled from the refrigerator door. It should be noted that on modern models of refrigerators such an elastic band is fixed with a special foam, so in this case its dismantling should not cause serious difficulties.

However, on older, usually Soviet-made models of refrigerators, such putty is fixed with special nails. Therefore, it must be disassembled very carefully and carefully to avoid deformation. Then the removed sealing gum should be scalded with boiling water and placed for a short time in a container with hot water. After the seal has cooled, it should be dried and reinstalled in its original place.

Thanks to this procedure, the rubber will fit much closer to the surface of the door. This method of recovery is especially relevant for units that have been idle for a long time and have not been used.

Use a hair dryer

You can restore the tightness with a hair dryer. To do this, it must be properly warmed up, and then in areas where gaps have formed, stretch. Then the door should be tightly closed and left in this position for 15-20 minutes. It should be noted that such a method of restoration is suitable only in cases where there is a slight, slight deformation of the joint.

Paper usage

You can eliminate the gaps between the gasket and the door using plain paper. However, it should be noted that this method of eliminating gaps is relevant only in cases where the separation of the seal from the surface of the door does not exceed 2 mm. Therefore, in this case, before starting work, it is recommended to carry out all relevant waste measurements.

Next, you need to take a small piece of thick paper, like cardboard for example, and put it under the rubber band in the area where it leaves the surface of the door. It should be noted that this method of restoring the tightness of the refrigerator is temporary and allows the user to save some time for a short period of time for the complete repair or subsequent replacement of the seal.