Using the cultivator sparingly means avoiding unnecessary expense. As for the reverse gear, these are additional costs for the grower. Reverse gear allows you to perform additional maneuvers. But whether it is really necessary or you can do without it, we will help you figure it out.


  • a How important is reverse speed
    • 1.1 Cultivator weight
    • 1.2 Gearbox type
  • 2 What is the profitability of the installation

How important is reverse speed

The type of equipment, tools or accessories to be used on the site is determined by the type of its layout and the type of soil.

You can also say that a particular model determines the suitability of installing additional elements. It is possible to determine the need for their presence in several ways.

Cultivator weight

With a motor-cultivator weighing up to 20 or 30 kg, it makes no sense to install additional devices. Such garden equipment is easily lifted and unfolded with a handle. In this case, instead of facilitating the work, you may encounter difficulties.


  • undue complication of conception;
  • difficulties in installation and subsequent maintenance;
  • the growth of the total mass.
Thus, such redundant functionality will not be useful. And vice versa – large heavy machines for working on dense soil are equipped with additional devices specifically intended to reduce tension during work.

Gearbox type

If the gearbox is gear or chain, it is possible to run the knives with the engine off. Accordingly, the return will not take much effort.

The worm mechanism leads to the installation of additional devices. In this mechanism, it is with the help of the reverse gear that recoil is ensured.

What is the profitability of the installation

Heavy cultivators, as well as medium-heavy equipment, certainly make sense to equip with a reverse gear mechanism. This greatly simplifies the handling of the device. This is especially essential when working with hard ground. Stuck in hard ground, knives clogged with weeds – problems,

Is it possible to save on installation? Yes. If you assemble the reverse gear with your own hands. However, it should be remembered that an incorrectly assembled device causes noise, vibrations, problems with power settings, electrical connection and, consequently, damage to both devices and even injuries.

All of the above allows us to conclude that it is necessary to use a reverse gear of a professional factory assembly on difficult soils, where processing with a light garden tiller is not appropriate. The final quality of its development depends on the correct selection of a set of devices depending on a specific type of soil, tasks for the depth of its processing and the general layout of the site.