Rotoscópio TikTok: What is the effect and how do you use it?

TikTok the wave of trends/failures is constantly changing and from April 2022 the popular effect ‘Rotoscópio’ is the last viral thing dominating the application. If you open the application several times a day or only check in once a day, you can no longer ignore TikTok today. More users are added, new trends are disappearing and conversations about TikTok generally reach apps like Twitter and Instagram.

For many TikTok users, one of the greatest assets of the app is its huge library of filters and video effects. With just a few touches, TikTok can turn your video into something magical. The famous green cloth effect allows the creators to place any image/video behind them. The Bunny In The Sky effect removes these benefits from above. The World Warp effect turns your video into a tangled/colored bubble. And with new features being added all the time, there is always something new for users to share.

At the time of publishing, one of TikTok’s most unique video effects is “Rotoscope” 1. You’ve probably seen Rotoscope videos streaming across the TikTok page before you. These videos usually start with someone dancing without filters/effects. However, once some cai music is played, the video is transformed into an infinite number of brilliant characters. The body of the person is transformed into a piece of animated drawing, the video inside reveals a mixture of fishy faces and the result is generally quite impressive.

TikTok’s Rotoscópio effect seems difficult to use, and it is as easy as any other effect in the application. If you want to make a video of Rotoscope yourself, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Touch the ‘+’ icon on the underside of the fabric.
  • Tap “Effects” next to the draw button.
  • Touch the search icon.
  • Figure ‘Rotoscopio’.
  • Touch the Rotoscópio effect.

Now you are ready to start writing! Assuming TikTok gets you head over heels, it replaces your normal video with a motorcycle. You can’t start with the new headline to revert to normal video style, so make sure you barely start when it’s ready for the effect to kick in. When the video is light for the rotoscope effect, touch your face style to the light fabric (with different eye shadow, eyelashes, nose and mouth).

Embora the application of the Rotoscópio effect is quite simple, there is a lot of room for creativity as much as you want. You can use it during serious dance moves, daily chores at home or as a girl with your friends/family. You can also use the Rotoscope effect with any music you want. By default, the TikTok combines the Rotoscópio effect with the Captain (Apito) music. If you want to change it, just tap the music icon on the top of the fabric and choose the music/sound you prefer.

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