Samsung can waive the ‘classic’ variant of the Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung plans to leave the ‘Classic’ variant in its next line of Galaxy Watch 5. With the expected launch before the end of this year, the Galaxy Watch 5 will be the successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 series that will be launched in 2021. Previous reports have revealed that the Galaxy Watch 5 series could feature a ‘Pro’ model with a massive 572 mAh battery, compared to the 361 mAh cell in the 44mm Galaxy Watch 4.

Several rumors from the past few weeks have also revealed some of the other sources of the upcoming smartwatch. According to a recent report, the Galaxy Watch 5 ships with a thermometer to help users measure their body temperature. The report says Samsung has developed a new way to accurately measure body temperature using a smartwatch, and new technology could help users detect symptoms of COVID-19 at home.

Embora the recent lines of the Galaxy Watch from Samsung tenham with a variant ‘Classic’, that is about to change with the Galaxy Watch 5. SamMobile, the next generation of Samsung smartwatches will also have two models, but the ‘Classic’ variant will stand out for its popularity. In that case, the ‘Pro’ model will take its place, probably with additional resources and a higher price compared to the Galaxy Watch 5 watch variant. Two different tamanhos, the ‘Pro’ model can be used for only one tamanho.

The report also seems to confirm that the Galaxy Watch 5 models will soon be using Wear OS 3, but with a new version of the One UI Watch that will likely have some new features and improvements over the previous version. There is no further information on the rest of the specs, including the processor, amount of RAM and storage, as well as other hardware components, but will most likely be available before the expected launch of the Galaxy Watch 5 in August.

Samsung’s smartwatch day started in 2013 with the ‘Gear’ watch line, but the company moved to the ‘Galaxy Watch’ brand in 2018. Galaxy Watch devices originally shipped with the Tizen operating system, but that didn’t change last year when Samsung turned to Google. Wear operating system. A few months ago, the devices were almost universally recommended in most cases, despite battery life receiving some criticism from users. By the way, recent reports suggest that: Samsung plans to fix these issues by installing high batteries in all Galaxy Watch 5 models.

Source: SamMobile

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