Samsung could use EV technology to massively update smartphone batteries

Samsung SDI is working to adapt an eclectic vehicle battery technology to significantly improve the battery life of future smartphones and other mobile devices. Like smartphones, electric cars also work with light batteries. However, due to our relatively high lithium prices, attempts are being made to experiment with other materials, such as manganese.

However, instead of using the same low-density material, EV batteries use a different manufacturing method compared to smartphone batteries, where the denser backs and the aid accumulate more capacity without taking up extra space. However, the most recent report suggests that Samsung is trying to eliminate this discrepancy and use the same EV technology in smartphone batteries to improve the battery life of both smartphones.

Samsung SDI aims to improve the battery life of both smartphones using a manufacturing technique currently used for the production of fifth-generation EV batteries. In accordance with the non-Korean publication TheElec, the process involves placing the main battery components in plates, rather than using the so-called ‘jelly roll’ method. The latter is the most popular in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries for consumer electronics, but has its drawbacks. To use this method, batteries cannot be packed with enough force to allow for the natural shutdown that occurs when a battery is repeatedly charged and discharged. However, the charging method solves this problem and helps increase the battery density by up to 10%. The increased density allows manufacturers to store more capacity than the same volume or reduce the volume without reducing battery capacity.

Samsung is making necessary changes to its production lines at its Cheonan plant in South Korea to produce small batteries using the new manufacturing method. It has also built a pilot line to test the technology at its factory in Tianjin, China. However, the installation method requires additional equipment so that production can only start after installation in the installations. The report also states that the Chinese production line will be used strictly for testing, while commercial production of the new batteries will only take place in South Korea.

Strangely enough, the story of TheElec speculated that with the new technology installed, the Samsung SDI could renounce winning orders from Apple. According to the report, Apple is currently using a battery structure of several cells for the iPhone, connecting several small battery cells to make a higher-capacity battery in the shape of L. However, thanks to new technology, the company can offer higher-capacity batteries. or make phones more durable and reliable, keeping battery capacity constant. It will be interesting to see if Apple will eventually use these new batteries in future iPhones, but SamsungThe company’s new battery technology is good news for smartphone users around the world.

Source: TheElec

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