Samsung now wants to make do-it-yourself phone repairs more accessible

Samsung Consideration is being given to using recycled parts to repair smartphones, with the aim of reducing the burden on the environment and two customers’ cards throughout the process. The company has recently taken some positive steps to avoid addressing its environmental concerns, such as the use of recycled plastic and marine debris in smartphone parts and accessories, such as packaging and shoes. The company also removed the charging blocks for its sales phone booths in the name of reducing the tax on electronic liquefaction, but the measure remains an important topic of conversation.

Samsung recently announced a parking program with iFixit to fix smartphones at home. Following in Apple’s footsteps, Samsung and iFixit will provide repair parts, detailed repair guides and the necessary tools for DIY smartphone repair tasks. The most recent phones in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series are currently excluded from the program, and it’s not clear whether cheaper phones will be included, but the program is still an ideal way to keep phone owners out of trouble. A step in the right direction.

Samsung really seems to want to improve its customer-friendly initiatives by promoting recyclable parts in their products. to concert. In accordance with reports, Korean business, the company wants to increase the use of recyclable spare parts in its smartphone repair strategy. Samsung plans to launch a certified parts recycling program for manufacturers to repair smartphones in the first semester of 2022. While it is environmentally responsible, the use of recycled parts is also pursued to significantly reduce repair costs. cloth speech Samsung has been contacted to confirm the plan and will update this story once an official response is received.

According to Samsung’s domestic market, the program will reduce the price of two monitor repairs, reducing costs from 200,000 won (about US$160) to 100,000 won (about US$80). The company also focuses on high-quality manufacturers of recycled parts and tries to combine construction and finish with new products. However, it’s not clear whether the program will launch globally or be limited to certain high-yield markets and open only a few major devices.

As impressive as the strategy is, it will not be easy for Samsung to execute. Unlike Apple and Google, which have launched their own auto repair programs, Samsung has a disproportionate portfolio of smartphones in all price ranges. It will be a difficult task to make recyclable storage steps for everyone. Samsung will certainly maintain its ambitions to recycle repair parts closer to the premium segment, where the Galaxy S queen phone line is. In reality, SamsungWith its complex engineering and simple construction, the company’s good phone is unlikely to be on the do-it-yourself car list.

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