Samsung sells updated Galaxy S21 phones, is it worth it?

Samsung The pre-recommendations for the new Galaxy S21 series are already open, but is it worth buying the new Galaxy S22 series? Many phone manufacturers have a checkout program that allows buyers to use old phones and receive credit to buy new phones. In some cases, buyers still pay the full price for the new phone, but receive a credit equal to the value of the old phone. And the old phones?

This old equipment is often recycled into parts for new equipment or refurbished for sale. Samsung’s Certified Re-Newed program is a three-way reform program. First, the phone comes with a new battery and the missing or damaged parts are replaced with genuine parts. Second, Samsung also cleans the phone and puts a new IMEI (and SIM card, if applicable) in it. Finally, he updates the software to the most recent version and places the phone in a new case with a label clearly stating that it is a more recent device. Refurbished units are also covered by a one year warranty.

The Galaxy S21 and its siblings are the most recent devices to join the certification update program, but Samsung currently only accepts pre-recommended devices. As with other phones, customers can choose to pay once for a newer phone or opt for a monthly/quarterly payment plan. There is also the option to find an old phone. All purchases also include $100 instant credit toward accessories. Unfortunately, the updated Galaxy S21 series is only available in one configuration – 128 GB – and in a color variation – Phantom Gray for the Galaxy S21 and Phantom Black for the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The refurbished Galaxy S21 starts at US$675, which is cheaper than the launch price of US$799 in 2021, more worth the money?

While the new Galaxy S21 series is not a good deal at the current price, the new Galaxy S22 series offers more. Samsung has been selling the Galaxy S22 series for a few months now and since it costs $799 on its site, users can buy it on Amazon for less. The official Samsung store on Amazon has a 128GB Galaxy S22 for $700, just $25 more than the Samsung Cobra for a redesigned Galaxy S21.

Quanto a Samsung The Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra cost US$899 and US$1,099 respectively. In comparison, an updated Galaxy S21 Plus costs US$850 and an updated Galaxy S21 Ultra costs US$1,000. Unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is also a better option for those considering the Ultra model, as we come with a filled can. Amazon is also offering $100 off Galaxy Buds 2 for buyers of Galaxy S22 models.

source: Samsung

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