The usual scope of a screwdriver and a hand drill is construction and repair work. Using additional devices, you can expand the functionality of the tool. This article describes how to drain water from a swimming pool or pour gasoline into a fuel tank with an unusual Chinese nozzle and a screwdriver. Read on and find out where a pump nozzle can come in handy.

Why do you need a pump for a screwdriver

A screwdriver is a multifunctional tool with an electric motor and a chuck. It is compact, has a battery and torque. By purchasing additional nozzles, the power tool can be used as a screwdriver, wrench, cordless drill.

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In rural areas, a pump-shaped nozzle is useful for:

  • pumping liquid from one container to another;
  • drain water from an outdoor swimming pool, a huge tank or a barrel that cannot be knocked over;
  • watering the garden or vegetable patch.

Such a nozzle will simplify the life of motorists. With it, it is convenient to pour the contents of the canister into the tank, without worrying at what level the canister is installed. Pump accessories are suitable for diesel and gasoline.

The nozzle is designed on the principle of a centrifugal pump, equipped with a rod, has a self-priming function.

Chinese miracle nozzles are high performance, suitable for all drill chucks. They are compact and have a simple design. The body is made of engineering plastic.

How to use a pump on a screwdriver

Pumping liquids starts with connecting the hoses. Put them on the outlets of the nozzles and fix the connections with clamps.

Look closely at the plastic pump housing and locate the “arrow”. It indicates the direction in which the liquid will move.

Position the ends of the pipe according to the intended flow direction. Both ends can be placed in containers, one of which must be filled and the other empty. If you are going to water the garden (for example, with water from the pool), drown one end of the hose in the water, throw it on the beds on the other.
Take out the screwdriver and secure the shank of the bit in the chuck of the tool.

The installation is ready. Press the “start” button and watch the water flow through the hose.

If the pump does not start the first time, take the instructions and read them carefully. Check the characteristics of the model, namely:

  • allowable pipe length;
  • direction of water flow;
  • Additional options.

The pump specifications must specify the maximum distance to activate the self-priming function. If the hose is too long, the engine power may not be sufficient. Cut the hose and try to operate the device again.

If the pump still does not work, check the reliability and tightness of the fastening of the clamps and the direction of the “arrow” on the nozzle, then carefully examine the screwdriver. Perhaps it accidentally went into “reverse” and the chuck is spinning in the opposite direction.

When using a screwdriver with a pump end, remember:

  • use high quality pipes;
  • observe the tightness of the connections;
  • do not work with too dense and contaminated liquids;
  • use a filtration system, if necessary, if the water contains a suspension.

Chinese miracle nozzles make life easier. This pump, for example, allows liquids to be drained quickly without additional work.