Search email in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

The search feature in AIM Mail and AOL Mail makes it easy to find email messages you’ve received in the past. Various options also allow you to narrow down your search results, for example to specific senders or topics.

Email search instructions in AIM or AOL Mail

To find email in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:

  1. Sign in to your AIM or AOL email account.

  2. Click the email search box at the top right of the folder list.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow and select mail The from which you want to search the body of email messages. Select Subject to search for words or phrases in the subject line, or select From to to search for specific senders or recipients.

  4. Enter the word, phrase, or email address you want to search for and click the search button to find matching messages across all your email folders. All matching results appear in the email window. You can sort your search results by clicking By , Subject , date or other headlines.

You can also search for people in your contact list or calendar events. Select Contacts or The calender enter a word or phrase in the search drop-down list and click Search .

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