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  1. Use this shortcut to quickly view Gmail emails by any label
  2. Gmail Shortcut Keys Shortcuts
  3. Other Ways to Search Emails in Labels

Use this shortcut to quickly view Gmail emails by any label

Gmail labels are like folders that organize your emails. Because labels are treated like folders, you can search through labels to quickly find emails that have already been categorized. There are several ways to search Gmail labels, including a keyboard shortcut that displays labeled messages in seconds.

The instructions in this article apply to standard and custom labels in Gmail. Learn how to create Gmail shortcuts if you want more.

Gmail Shortcut Keys Shortcuts

Using the keyboard to open Gmail shortcuts makes the whole process smooth and easy.

  1. Click G and then I (lowercase L). Focus goes to the search bar at the top of Gmail.

  2. Enter a label name.

  3. Use the arrow keys Up and down to highlight the shortcut you want to access.

  4. Click Enter to view emails with this label.

  5. Click Room after the label name and enter the text you want to find in the label.

There are many ways to search for emails in Gmail. For example, use the search operator topic: to find only emails with a specific word in the subject field.

Other Ways to Search Emails in Labels

Gmail displays shortcuts on the left side of the screen. This makes them very easy to access and searching is as simple as typing in the search box.

Find the label you want to open on the left side of the screen and select it to view emails with that label.

If you have labels nested in other labels, select the small arrow to the left of the parent label to see them. If labels are hidden in Gmail, use the option Lake at the bottom of the sidebar to find the one you want.

You can also select and type the search bar at the top of Gmail label: name to open the shortcut. To replace real name, for example tag: bank to open the Gmail shortcut named Bank.

Gmail shortcuts can also be accessed from their URL. For example, the “Deals” shortcut can be accessed by visiting this page:  

Gmail shortcuts are not case sensitive. Click on Bank or BANK you will find the same emails.

Depending on the label name, Gmail may add characters to the name when viewing the path in the search bar or as a URL. For example, the URL “Banks and Money” label reads “Banks + %26 + Money”, while the search box reads “Banks – Money”.

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