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the rise of Artificial Intelligence (IA) It not only brings new advancements in technology and science, but also raises concerns about its impact on businesses, such as businesses and privacy. For that reason, the United States is exploring options that could be taken with an IA advisory committee that will continue to update the government on new developments in IA as technology evolves. IA can solve a wide variety of problems, from discovering the identities of anonymous users of the Internet to preparing the climate with overwhelming success. The question arises: so that the IA should be used and how should the EU regulate it?

For private technology companies, the answers to these questions are simple. Artificial intelligence can make computing processes succeed in impossible situations, and companies like Meta are trying to maximize their potential. Facebook’s mother-in-law, Meta, is trying to use artificial intelligence to fuel your market. The technology proposed is human-level artificial intelligence, meaning it will be self-sufficient and able to observe and learn from its environment. A computer that is intelligent or sufficient to adapt to new situations without direct human intervention can solve problems, but also create them. That is why the UN regularly schedules the IA and defines a national agenda for technology.

The first steps towards mainstream IA in the United States will begin in 2020. Act of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative as part of the bill filed with the Chamber of Deputies. However, the project didn’t come back to him until a year later, when it was approved as part of the project. National Fiscal Defense Authorization Law 2021. To assign IA regulation responsibilities to specific committees, the legislature is trying to define technology. According to the definition of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act, artificial intelligence is “A machine-based system that can make predictions, recommendations, or decisions that provide a real or virtual environment for a defined set of human-defined metrics† Likewise, the legislation specifies that the characteristics of artificial intelligence include the ability to perceive real and virtual environments, analyze those perceptions, and apply the analysis to automated computing.

The legislation promulgated in 2021 has the dual objective of addressing emerging challenges in the field of IA. Its mission is to determine how the United States regularly uses technology and how it explores and develops artificial intelligence. To address the regulatory issues, the National Institute of Artificial Intelligence Research Resources (NAIRRTF) was established to observe the impact of the IA on EU citizens. The IA has its advantages, it also has disadvantages – such as the faculty of facial recognition technology that is almost nil. NAIRRTF will manage in accordance with the National Office of the Artificial Intelligence Initiative”Privacy, Civil Rights and Citizenship free“Because they have to do with artificial intelligence.

Another aspect of the legislation is the National Consultative Council on Artificial Intelligence, which reports directly to the president and is made up of artificial intelligence specialists.esta US Department of Commerce, April 14, 2022. Committee members include IA- professionals from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Among the private sector leaders, the commission also offers academic specialists from prestigious universities, such as Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. An Implementation Subcommittee will also be chaired by the Advisory Committee, which will deal with all matters related to the use of artificial intelligence in the application of law, data and legal fathers.

The task force and committees established by the National AI Initiative Act will shape the IA agenda in the United States. Offering a variety of perspectives, the committees receive as many pioneering business leaders as new technologies and as many academics as they critique. The various committees will report directly to the President of the United States, who will direct the country’s national agenda on IA.como based on their findings. artificial intelligence development, the United States is quickly adapting to the new changes that regulation promotes.

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