See how Twitter can report that a tweet has been edited

Twitter is working on an edit button and the first tests from the source are appearing online, showing how to notify users that a specific Tweet has been edited. If it changes to undetectable, this can prove problematic, as a request or a response can take on new meaning if the original content is changed. Twitter seems to have found a solution to this problem based on some initial test results recently revealed.

After continued requests for the ability to make changes to a Tweet after it has been published, Twitter has been asked to add this resource for several years now. Surgue is concerned about the alteration of the historical record and the potential for abuse to change the meaning of a Tweet containing an edition. Even apparently reasonable changes can negatively affect individuals and businesses who have previously interacted with or referenced a Tweet. Meanwhile, other social media platforms, such as Facebook, have implemented the ability for users to create editions without major problems due to the move.

Jane Manchun Wong is ready to share news about the upcoming Twitter resources and, once again, discover some details about the button for the upcoming edition. In the current pre-launch version, there are some errors related to an edited Tweet of a video being re-edited as an image. People noted loading content that already exists on Twitter is a waste of bandwidth and processing power. I hope both issues are resolved before the edit button is activated. How much to reveal that a Tweet has been edited, Wong published a dust recording showing that a change in the lower part of the postage will be marked, determined by the relationship between date and time. A pencil icon followed by the word “Edited” means a change has been made. Clicking “Edit” will automatically display the old Tweet, with a history of edits. The old version of the Tweet in the Twitter web application shows the same pencil icon followed by the phrase “There is a new version of this Tweet

Let anyone who wants to know when the edit button will be available, this has not been announced. Since it doesn’t appear to have any side effects, the source is inaccurate and probably won’t arrive in short order, at least not until a Tweet can be edited without changing the content of the video. If the current implementation stays practically the same as Wong noted, it will be quite similar to Facebook’s post-editing solution.

Any content in an edited Tweet can be removed or changed, even an image or video, of course, the fact that an edition has been created will be annotated and a link to the original Tweet will be provided. Embora ads will almost certainly show up, no matter how the edit button works, it seems to be a good solution offering users that they fail to delete the original registry. Naturally, Twitter has not stated this as the final form of the edit button and its appearance and functionality could be changed significantly before its official launch.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong/Twitter 12

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