See multiple views side by side in Gmail

You can often switch between Gmail tags, inbox, tagged email, your drafts, and sometimes the trash.

You can follow shortcuts or search results, such as recent messages from your boss, even if they went to the second screen of your Gmail inbox. These aren’t really tabs, but you can place additional collections next to your Gmail inbox — below, above, or next to the default view.

See Multiple views, labels, and searches side by side in Gmail

To place additional views (such as drafts, labels, or search results) next to your Gmail inbox:

  1. Press the button Institutions in Gmail.

  2. Click Institutions

  3. Click Additionally

  4. Make sure the switch is set next to: To turn on through multiple mailboxes

  5. Click Multiple mailboxes

  6. On this page you set the search conditions for each panel. Valid search terms include “to:” to include all messages you’ve sent to a specific address, “is:” to retrieve specific labels you’ve created, and “from:” to sort all messages you’ve sent. received from a specific person. panel title will be the label at the top of new windows.

    You can use all of Gmail’s search criteria and operators.

  7. Below the search terms you will see other options. Maximum page size allows you to limit the number of conversations displayed in the new panel. Location of additional panels determines where new windows will appear.

  8. Click Saving Changes when you’re done. Depending on what you chose installation of additional panels you will see new windows below, above or next to your inbox.

    “Right of Incoming Mail” creates separate panes and the other options put all headers in one column with the selected panel headers.

  9. You can return to the Settings menu to add or remove panels as you see fit.

If the panels do not appear

The tabs at the top of your inbox may prevent additional panels from appearing. Here’s how to fix the problem.

  1. On the menu Institutions Click inbox

  2. under the title Categories clear all checkboxes except Base to disable other tabs.

  3. Click Saving Changes to return to your mailbox. Your panels should now appear.

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