See why your TikTok account has been blocked (and how to correct it)

TikTok is one of the two best apps for watching and creating viral videos – if you receive a message that your TikTok account has been blocked. Embora is not included, bugs/problems with smartphone applications are never fun to deal with. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify or any other app, random software tricks turn your apps into frustrating apps.

TikTok is no different. For all the things TikTok does well, it also has its solution to the problem. Many users have been affected by TikTok’s “age restriction” flaw, which prevents them from watching videos they should be able to watch. There’s also an infamous “invalid parameters” error, a bug that plagues the next page of two users, and much more.

Another potential problem is that your TikTok account will be blocked. You open the application, it will appear normally and you will see an error message with the following text: “This account is currently blocked.” While TikTok does not say Why your account has been blocked, there are some reasons why you are selling this post. First of all, if you find TikTok directs/returns – and I was able to do that – this is a guaranteed way to block your account. This could include using sharing bots to artificially enhance your videos, share inappropriate content, or comment on a video to other users. But these are not the only reasons why TikTok has blocked someone from your account. You can also be blocked multiple times in your digital account from trying to login. It’s also possible that your TikTok servers have a random trick that is blocking you in error.

For whatever reason, there are some ways to correct a blocked TikTok account. The first step is to try to define its meaning. In general, if you’re trying to send the incorrect password (or something that has crashed TikTok keys) multiple times, defining your password is the easiest way to unlock a blocked account. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Press the ‘Login’ button on the underside of the fabric.
  • Tap “Use Phone/Email/Username”.
  • Tap ‘Email/Username’.
  • Tap “Did you forget?”

A pop-up message will appear if you want to redefine the password with your phone number or email address. Choose the method you prefer, follow the instructions TikTok sends you and try to log in again with your new password.

But are you redefining your password and still being blocked on your TikTok account? In either case, the only other option is to contact TikTok support and see if they can figure out what’s going on. The best way to do this is to go to the ‘Report a problem’ page in the app.

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Tap on ‘?’ not right top right.
  • Tap the paper icon in the top right corner.
  • Touch the paper icon again.
  • Tap the text box under “Give us your comments.”
  • Number a message explaining the problem.
  • Tap the red ‘Cancel’ button.

Another option is to contact TikTok on Twitter. If you’re having trouble with the “Report a Problem” page (or if TikTok is too slow to respond), sending a message on Twitter can speed up the process. Open the Twitter application on your phone, find the “TikTokSupport” account and tap the message icon on the profile page to send a direct message. If you define your password or get help from a support member, you must enter it correctly to correct a lock TikTok cont.

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