Select recipients from your address book in Gmail

Gmail makes it easy to select an email contact because it automatically suggests a name and email address as you type. However, there is another way to select contacts to email using the address book.

Using the contact list to select email recipients is useful if you are adding a lot of people to it. When you’re ready to go, you can simply select as many recipients and/or groups as you want and then import them all into an email to instantly compose a message for all those contacts.

Manually select recipients to email in Gmail

Start a new message or enter “reply” or “forward” mode in a message, then do the following:

  1. To the left of the line where you would normally enter an email address or contact name, select the link To who or To copy or SC † on the right if you want to send a copy or blind copy.

  2. Select the recipients you want to include in the email and they will immediately start grouping at the bottom of the window Select contacts † You can scroll through the address book to select contacts and you can also use the search box at the top of this screen.

    To delete contacts that you have already selected, simply reselect their entry or use the small “ X ” next to the item at the bottom of the window Select contacts

  3. When you are done, press the button Insert At the bottom.

  4. Compose the letter as you normally would and send it when you’re ready.

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