Send a fax from Gmail

Send faxes quickly from your email account

Direct communication methods such as email and text messaging make it easy to send messages, documents and other files with just a few clicks or fingers. Even with these simplified mechanisms, there are still instances where the recipient requests a printed fax.

With one of several third-party services available, you can send a fax directly from your Gmail account, eliminating the need for a physical document and fax machine.

Send a fax from Gmail

After you sign up for an online service that supports faxing via email, the next step is to create and send your fax.

It should be noted that most services allow you to send a certain number of faxes for free, but you may need to purchase credits, tokens, or a subscription to send faxes from Gmail. These requirements usually differ from supplier to supplier.

In addition, the Gmail address from which you want to send faxes must match the email address provided by your fax provider. If not, your transfer attempt will most likely be rejected.

  1. Create a new email in Gmail, in the app, or through the browser interface by clicking or tapping the button To create

  2. Enter the recipient’s fax number (including area code) in the field To who , followed by the domain of your fax provider. For example, if you have an eFax account and you send a fax to 1-212-555-5555, enter the following: [email protected] This domain value (in this case only applies to your individual fax service, so it’s important to check the exact syntax before performing this step.

  3. You can now include the contents of the actual fax, which should be in the attached file. Multiple formats are supported, including DOC, JPG, PDF, and TXT. Most fax services allow multiple attachments, the contents of which are often combined when sending a fax. Click the button in the browser Add files represented by a paper clip and located at the bottom of the interface A new message † If you’re using the Gmail app instead, tap the paperclip icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  4. Just like a regular fax, you can also add a cover letter when you send a fax from Gmail. Type the desired cover letter content in the body of the message, as if you were sending a form letter.

  5. If you are satisfied with the cover letter and attachments, click the button send † Your fax should be sent immediately, although the speed is dependent on the third-party provider. Confirmation of this fax transmission is usually available in the user interface of your fax service.

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