Send stylized RTF emails to Yahoo Mail

Say goodbye to boring writing

Yahoo Mail lets you send regular text messages or messages with attachments. However, if you want to create more graphically interesting emails, you can use a text editor to bold, italicize, and format the text.

Using Rich Formatting in Yahoo Mail

Use the row of icons at the bottom of the screen to add formatting to an email you create in Yahoo Mail. Hover over each icon to see how each will change the formatting of your text.

Click the three-dot button at the end of the row to reveal more options.

Each icon offers several features that you can include in your email:

  • Icon paper clip attaches a file to an email. This function is also available in text mode.

  • Field gif inserts an animated GIF into the text of the message.

  • Knob writing paper which looks like a greeting card with a heart opens a window where you can choose a background for your email on different occasions.

  • Knob emoji inserts emoji in your message.

  • Chain-shaped knot creates hyperlink from the text of your choice.

  • capital B controls bold text. You can make selected text bold or have it entered in bold automatically.

  • Capital letter I turn italics on and off.

  • Knob text color consisting of three red, yellow and green circles, changes the color of the text in the message.

  • Knob font style looks like two capital A and allows you to use a different font.

  • Below the three-dot button, you can control orientation, formatting, and a few other options. The first three options allow you to choose left, center, and right alignment. You can apply different orientations to individual paragraphs or sections in your email.

  • The next two create bulleted or ordered (numbered) lists.

  • Increase or decrease the padding with the next two buttons.

  • A button with a capital S and a line through it allows you to scroll through the text. Anything you apply this formatting to will flow through it.

  • The last button that looks like Tx , turns on plain text mode. Switching to plain text removes all formatting in the message.

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