Set a custom time zone in Gmail

Restore time zone settings if email time is disabled

Make sure your Gmail time zone is set correctly for email to work smoothly. If the time doesn’t seem right, like if your emails are from the future, or if your recipients are starting to notice and complain, changing the Gmail time zone is an easy fix.

You should also check your operating system’s time zone (and daylight saving time settings) to make sure your computer’s clock is set correctly.

If you use Google Chrome, a browser bug can disrupt your Gmail time zone. Update to the latest version of Google Chrome (click on the Chrome menu and select Update Google Chrome if available, or reference About Google Chrome ) solves the problem.

Reset your Gmail time zone

To set the Gmail time zone:

  1. Open Google Calendar.

  2. Press the button Institutions in the top right corner of Google Calendar.

  3. Select Institutions in the drop-down menu.

  4. Please select the correct time zone in the section Your current time zone

    If you can’t find the correct city or time zone, check the box Show all time zones or make sure your country is correct according to the question: The country just above the time zone. †

  5. In older versions of Google Calendar, you had to press . to press Save † In the latest version, the settings are saved automatically.

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