Set up address book groups in Gmail

  1. Create Gmail lists to send multiple emails at once
  2. How to Send Gmail Group Messages
  3. Create an empty group
  4. Add members to a group
  5. Remove members from a Gmail group

Create Gmail lists to send multiple emails at once

If you keep sending emails to the same groups of people, you can stop entering all their email addresses. Instead, create a group contact so that all email addresses can be easily grouped and emailed.

After you create an email group, start typing the group name instead of entering just one email address when writing email. Gmail will suggest a group; click it to autofill the field To who all email addresses in the group.

How to Send Gmail Group Messages

After you create a new group, you can send email messages to it.

  1. Open Google Contacts.

  2. Check the box next to each contact you want in the group.

    Use section Most Contacted to find all the people you usually chat with.

  3. Choose an icon Label on the toolbar and select Create shortcut

  4. Enter a name for the group.

  5. Select Save

Create an empty group

You can also create an empty group, which is useful if you want to add contacts later or quickly add new email addresses that haven’t been contacted yet:

  1. On the left side of Google Contacts, click Create shortcut.

  2. Give the label a name and click Okay

Add members to a group

To add new contacts to the list, open a group from the menu on the left and click Add to

If you notice that an incorrect email address is being used for a specific contact, simply remove the contact from the group (see How to do it below) and re-add it using this button by entering the correct email address feed.

You can also use the button Yet to bulk import contacts from backup files such as CSV files.

Remove members from a Gmail group

Follow these steps exactly as they are written because if you use a button instead Additionally and choose to remove contacts, they will be removed from your contacts as a whole, not just this group.

  1. Select a group from the menu to the left of Google Contacts.

  2. Select one or more contacts to edit by checking the corresponding box.

  3. Press the button groups

  4. Find the group you want to remove contacts from and check the box to disable it.

  5. Click Apply in this drop-down menu.

  6. Contacts should be removed from the list immediately and Gmail should give you a small notification at the top of the screen to confirm this.

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