Set up Google Hangout

Chat with friends on Windows, Mac or Linux

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular ways for teams to interact and interact online. Like most Google Suites, Hangouts is a web application, meaning there’s no program to download or run locally; everything is done through the browser and Chrome obviously works best. However, on Android and iOS, you can download the app from your app store and create a Google Hangout just as easily.

Set up Google Hangout

  1. On PC, Mac or Linux: open chrome and select three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Move your mouse over Additional resources and select Extensions

    On mobile: search for “ Google Hangouts ” in your app store and download the app. Then start the application and go to step 7.

  2. Select three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen, then select Open Chrome Web Store At the bottom.

  3. Find “ Google Hangouts ‘ in the Chrome store. The first result is probably correct.

  4. Select Add to Chrome † Chrome will again ask you to confirm that you want to add Hangouts to your browser; select Add an extension

  5. Select the new Google Hangouts icon in Chrome to launch it, then select Enter

  6. Enter your Google account login information.

    This is a one-time process. The Hangouts extension will then remember your account and log you in automatically.

  7. On PC, Mac and Linux. After successfully signing in to your account, the extension will give you access to the controls. There you will find any previous SMS conversations and you can start a new conversation or make a call.

    On mobile: The interface is almost identical to that in Chrome, except for the green plus sign for adding a new conversation, which is in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  8. Select . to start a new video meeting New conversation † On a mobile device, press green plus (+)

    In the new Conversations tab, you’ll find a list of the people you’ve added to Hangouts. You can also start typing the name, email, or phone number of the person you want to start a conversation with.

  9. To start a group conversation, select A new group and then add the names, email addresses, or phone numbers of the people you want to add to your group. Then give your group a name and then select tick to start a video call.

  10. Your new group will start and you can chat with all the friends you’ve invited to chat. To switch to a video call:

    • In Chrome, select the icon video camera at the top of the Hangouts window to turn the conversation into a video call.

    • On a mobile device, press New video call and then click the names of the people you want to add. You can also enter your contact details manually. When you’re done, click green camera to start a call.

  11. Once done, you can close the window or close the app at any time to exit. When talking on video, select red phone at the bottom of the window to pick up the handset.

Google Hangouts saves your conversations and groups so you can go back and add messages to your chat. You can also always start a video backup.

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