Set up two-step verification on Snapchat

Arautos of the news that it will disappear, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Setting up two-factor authentication on Snapchat is very important for new and existing users. As we all know, all social media platforms including Snapchat have some information about their users such as name, age, email ID and contact details. When a security breach occurs, this data can be obtained by criminals and potentially used indefinitely. Meanwhile, users should make every effort to keep their social media accounts safe.

In general, social media platforms only require a login credentials to login, with no user defined. However, the two-factor authentication allows you to add an extra layer of security to the user account. Once configured, the two-factor authentication requires additional credentials, which are encrypted exclusively by the authentication application or sent to the user via SMS. But even if the user’s password is somehow compromised, the security is still there and a login won’t be authorized unless you’ve entered an exclusive code that only the user can access.

To configure authentication for two Snapchat keys, users need to tap their bitmoji (top part except Snapchat’s native structure) and then tap the “hardware” icon (top part right of fabric) to open the Configurations section . where the user should search and click on “two-factor authentication”At one point, Snapchat clarified that once two factors are enabled, users will specify their password and a verification code that will be sent to the phone to log in to the new device. Then the user has to click on “Continue” (bottom part of the screen). In the following text, the user has to choose between two different forms to obtain his login code.

Users can receive their login codes via SMS or a separate authentication application on your smartphone (e.g. Google Authenticator, Duo, etc.). Text verification would be the best option if someone has access to a smartphone and can receive text messages by logging into the application. When this option is selected, Snapchat will send an exclusive verification code to the associated mobile phone number every time the user tries to log in. However, if someone is traveling and cannot access their text messages, an authentication application can be used. In either case, Snapchat will redirect the user to one of the two authentication applications installed on the smartphone (otherwise the user can download one). The authentication application generates a code that users must enter into Snapchat to enable two-factor authentication.

While setting up two-factor authentication on Snapchat can increase the security of your account, users should be careful about the method you choose. For example, if a user loses your mobile device or excludes the authentication application used to set up two-factor authentication on Snapchat. They cannot receive a login code and cannot access his account. for this reason, Snapchat Users are advised to manage and protect a recovery code so that they can access their Snapchat account in case of problems.

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