There is a special paragraph in the instruction manual for hammer drills, which states that the drill must be lubricated before each use. At the same time, a significant part of the owners of this reliable tool either did not read this material at all, or read it clearly inadvertently, because they believe that lubrication is not necessary in this case. After all, it stains the finish and significantly increases the wear of the cartridge, because when the dust penetrates, it forms a real abrasive composition.

However, experts have a completely different opinion. Without lubrication, nozzles for perforators operating under enormous loads (from 1000 to 5000 beats per minute) quickly overheat, which leads not only to the breakage of the drill bit or the crown itself, but also to the failure of the cartridge itself. same, followed by expensive repairs. Therefore, owners of this portable power tool are strongly advised to carefully read the instruction manual or use some tips from this article to learn how to properly lubricate the hammer drill bit shank.

Firstly, in this case it is recommended to use a proprietary composition, the tube of which is usually supplied with the tool (at least for well-known brands). Replacing the lubricant is possible only if the packaging bears the inscription “for drills” and the characteristics (power, number of strokes and revolutions) suitable for a particular model are indicated. Solid oil and lithol in this case are definitely not suitable, since they are not designed for such a load and are designed to solve completely different problems. In addition, the special formulations are not prone to splashing.

Second, read the procedure for this simple operation. Inspect the nozzle before starting work. Wipe the stem with a clean rag to remove old grease and dust. Apply a thin layer of a special composition, usually no more than 1 gram is needed, not over the entire surface, but only on the grooves (from 2 to 5 depending on the specific model) that are designed to fix the drill in the cartridge .

Thirdly, it is not necessary to show excessive fanaticism even in cases when you have to work as a puncher all day. Simply remove the drill from the tool occasionally to ensure there is a special compound on the shank and add lubricant as needed, after wiping the nozzle of dust and dirt.

Fourth, when changing the nozzle, it is recommended to wrap the rod in a clean cloth to prevent dirt from entering. At the end of the job, the drill is cleaned of dust and grease, then put away for storage in a tool case.

One can only hope that the information in this article will help rock drill owners ensure that lubrication of drill shanks and other accessories greatly increases the life of this reliable and useful power tool.