Should the iPad Pro have a keyboard and trackpad mode?

esta iPad As powerful as a computer. However, your operating system is slow, making it necessary to purchase an Apple MacBook or Mac for certain types of work. Even the most recent iPad Pro is equipped with the same M1 processor on many Macs. One of the most notable differences is that the iPad is centered on a touchscreen interface, allowing users to directly touch or turn it off to interact. Keyboard accessories came to mind a few years ago.

The first iPad to get an official keyboard was the original iPad Pro. The relatively large tablet has a fabric of 12.9 inches, surpassing the cartridge model of 9.7 inches. It has a more powerful processor and is the first to support native keyboards, approaching the experience of a laptop. Apple suggests that this could be a computer, just like a tablet. Due to limited printing resources and a limited library of applications, few users can completely replace the need for a laptop or desktop computer.

to exist Bloomberg The latest PowerOn newsletter, which comes with two new operating modes for the iPad Pro, is something Steve Jobs strongly opposes. The idea described is to make the iPad Pro behave more like a Mac when connected to a keyboard and trackpad or mouse. Mark Gurman, of Bloomberg, also suggested a new way of working to use the Apple Pencil. In any case, iPadOS adds the available controls to get the utmost precision when using these accessories. The main advantage is that windows and widgets can be resized freely, once the layout is as robust as the iPad currently has. It’s a small detail that can have a big impact on how the iPad is used. This does not resolve the application gap. However, since the early days of the iPad, the App Store has grown enormously to cover almost all necessities, with embroidery apps and windows being the main difference.

Steve Jobs opposes the idea of ​​different operating modes because it could confuse users. At the heart of the iPhone and iPad’s original concept, the esqueumorpho design makes the fabric controls behave like real objects, allowing people to intuitively identify as one-to-one. Fortunately, it is not necessary to change the behavior of iPadOS when an accessory is connected to solve the problem of more precise control. IPadOS can add two-finger gestures for precise cursor positioning, enabling free-form layouts with more precise movements.

Interaction with a finger remains as before, allowing unscrewing and pinning and dragging gestures. The new two-finger drag reveals a cursor, allowing similar mouse movements, such as holding down the keyboard’s spacebar on the fabric, to enter trackpad mode. It’s impossible for Apple to dig up its golden rule software and offer it to the iPad Pro in separate keyboard and trackpad modes, but precise gestures that make sense and are already implemented on the screen on the desktop. It is already possible to drag the text cursor with two fingers to lock the keyboard, which improves the precision. iPad There is already a refined sports option that just needs to be expanded.

source: Bloomberg

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