Security is an important issue nowadays, and every person has to solve it by themselves. It’s much easier for fatalists in that sense, because they believe you can’t cheat fate. Everyone else is advised to read this article in order to warn themselves and their families of the danger in time with the help of a simple self-assembled alarm system installed on the door of your home. hall.

Materials and tools required

It is possible to mount an alarm that can warn owners of a sudden intrusion or scare off a thief with a loud sound signal from improvised materials. At the same time, some of the elements of the future design may have to be bought in a store or ordered on the Internet.

First you need to prepare:

  • clothespin;
  • batteries for fingers (2 pieces);
  • buzzer;
  • a few small bolts;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • a piece of soft wire;
  • a piece of plastic;
  • rope or twine.

Preparing the tool will also not take much time, since a glue gun (can be replaced with electrical tape), a screwdriver, a knife, a soldering iron with flux and solder, as well as a screwdriver with a drill in our time are no longer considered a curiosity and are part of the arsenal of any amateur craftsman who loves and knows how to work with his hands.

How to DIY

Everything prepared. So, we begin to assemble a homemade alarm according to the following instructions:

  • to begin with, we disassemble the clothespin;
  • glue or tape the batteries to the outside of each half of the clothespin so that the polarity of the power sources is opposite on each side;
  • we make a small hole in the middle of each sponge, in which we twist the bolts with force so that the hats remain inside;
  • pick up a clothespin;
  • we clean and maintain the two wires of the buzzer, one of which is soldered to the bolt protruding from the outside, and the second contact is connected to the plus of one of the batteries;
  • cut a small piece of wire, clean and tin its ends, with which you need to connect the minus and the freer of the two batteries (rear);
  • finally, we solder the wire connecting the minus of the second battery to a free bolt on the jaws of the clothespin;
  • cut a rectangle out of a piece of plastic and drill a small hole in one of its ends;
  • we pass a cord (thick threads or a small rope) through the hole and tie a strong knot;
  • at the second end of the cord we make a loop so that you can throw it on the doorknob.

The assembly of the simplest signaling is finished. Let’s start testing. We fix the homemade product on the stud with a self-tapping screw screwed into the spring buckle or double-sided tape. We insert a plastic rectangle between the bolt / contact caps. We put a cord on the doorknob. Now when unauthorized opening of the doors, the cord will remove the plate / insulation from the clothespin. The contacts close and the owners of the apartment, house or cottage will hear a beep.

Attention!!! You can include a suitable LED in this circuit in order to receive not only a sound, but also a light warning of an unwanted visit. The usual switch will also not hurt, which, if necessary, turns off the device and consumes battery power more economically.

The first homemade device will warn about unauthorized entry into the premises even if the owners are not at home, and the second will draw the attention of others to the unauthorized actions of intruders using loud sound and light signals .