Slide Master in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Use the Slide Master to make general changes to your PowerPoint slides
  2. Basic Slide Layouts in PowerPoint 2007
  3. Edit PowerPoint slide master
  4. Font changes in various slide layouts in the slide master
  5. Close the PowerPoint slide master

Use the Slide Master to make general changes to your PowerPoint slides

Slide Masters for Global Change

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The slide master is one of several master slides that PowerPoint uses to make global changes to all your slides at once.

  • change colors and font styles for each slide

  • add a clip art or image to any slide

  • add a footer or date to each slide

Access to the slide master

  1. Click the “View” tab of the ribbon.

  2. Click the Slide Master button.

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Basic Slide Layouts in PowerPoint 2007

Slide Master Layouts

The slide master opens on the screen. On the left, in the Slides/Outline pane, you can see the master slide thumbnails (top thumbnail) and all the different slide layouts in the master slides.

Edit PowerPoint slide master

main notes slide

  1. When the slide master is open, a new tab is visible on the ribbon, the Slide Master tab. You can make one or more changes to the slide master using the options on the ribbon.

  2. Making changes to the slide master has a global effect on all your new slides. However, not all changes take effect on slides created before you edit the slide master.

  3. Font style/color changes you make in the slide master can be manually overwritten on each individual slide.

  4. Font styles or color changes that you made to individual slides before editing the slide master are saved to those individual slides. Therefore, if you want all slides to look the same, it is recommended that you make any font changes in the slide master before creating any slides in your presentation.

Editing fonts on the slide master

  1. Select the text in the placeholder on the master slide.

  2. Right click on the highlighted text.

  3. Make changes using the formatting toolbar or the context menu that appears. You can make one or more changes at a time.

Font changes in various slide layouts in the slide master

Font and slide layout changes

Changes to fonts on the master slide affect most text placeholders on your slides. However, due to the variety of layout options available, not all placeholders are subject to changes made to the slide master. You may need to make additional changes to the various slide layouts – thumbnail images are located below the master slide.

In the example above, a font color change was needed for the subtitles placeholder in the title slide layout to match other font changes made to the master slide.

Make changes to different slide layouts

  1. Click the thumbnail image of the slide layout where you want to make further font changes.

  2. Make font changes, such as color and style, to a specific placeholder.

  3. Repeat this process for other slide layouts unaffected by changes to the slide master.

Close the PowerPoint slide master

Edit PowerPoint Slide Master Complete

After you’ve made all the changes to the slide master, click the Close Viewer button on the Slide Master tab on the ribbon.

Each new slide you add to your presentation reflects the changes you’ve made, so you don’t have to make every change to every single slide.

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