Smartwatch left in the toilet could be the Google Pixel Watch

There are many rumours Google Pixel watch appears to have made its first public appearance, apparently left in a restaurant and met by someone else who took pictures of the new smartwatch. These kinds of annoying mistakes are one of the reasons why it is so difficult for manufacturers to keep the details of new products secret. On the other hand, it offers a little bit of free advertising for Google, so it’s not quite the rage when things happen.

Despite developing one of the two most popular operating systems for Android Wear smartwatches, which later became Wear OS, Google has never made a reliable watch. The search giant’s Nexus line includes tablets and smartphones equipped with Google’s Android. Google’s Chrome OS provides a high and stable operating system for the Chromebook Pixel and Pixelbook laptops. Wear OS is system software that relies on other manufacturers to make devices. Now, finally, it looks like a Pixel Watch will be arriving soon to preview this gap.

The alleged Pixel Watch looks a lot like the views recently shared by voters. The design is very attractive with a round face and curved fabric. Unfortunately, the device did not work and only showed an initialization sheet with the Google logo when trying to lock it. However, the photos are taken at different angles that reveal enough about the design. The following smartwatch, a blue wristband and a product case were discovered. The bottom of the box, that Android Central obscure, apparently including a note that read:This device has not been authorized to comply with the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada, has not been tested to comply with EU regulations,Also noting that the device is for internal testing.

The overall size and thickness of the Pixel Watch support seems normal for a smartwatch and looks completely clean when it is unplugged. The rear part of this Pixel Watch in particular is metallized, with the central rear looking like glass with the usual heart rate sensors. Visible on the side is a closed crown and what appears to be a knob above and below the crown, each tilted towards the body of the watch. The pulse appears to be a silicone sports pulse with a five-gauge pattern with several openings on one side to accommodate the pad.

An interesting detail is that the Pixel Watch can communicate with its wristband, as it appears to have pogo pins on the connector when the wristband is connected to the watch. This can be exclusive to the test model, but also power accessories or additional sensors. Do not leave a charging port that resembles unloading or charging through the strap connector. While Google Pixel watch Rumors have been circulating for years, it looks like the anticipation is almost over, and there are more reveals at the Google I/O event coming up in a few weeks.

Font: Central to Android

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