SMS backup: how to save SMS messages

  1. Save text messages for easy retrieval
  2. Backup SMS on Android
  3. Backup SMS on iPhone

Save text messages for easy retrieval

If you use text messages often, learn how to back up text messages to your phone so that you can easily find them later. These backups are useful if you accidentally deleted important text and want it back, and can also prove your worth in the event of a dispute.

It’s always a good idea to backup your text messages before doing a major upgrade to your phone. Fortunately, there are many ways to backup SMS depending on the type of phone you have, be it Android or iPhone. Here’s how to back up text messages on both devices.

Backup SMS on Android

If you’re wondering how to backup text messages on your Android phone, you’re afraid it’s probably more difficult than you need to worry about. There is an easy way to get the job done with a free mobile app called SMS Backup & Restore. This is a fairly versatile application that allows you to back up text directly to the Android device itself, to a computer, to an online storage or via email. Here’s how to use it to backup your texts.

You must have Android 4.0.3 or higher to use this app.

Backup SMS messages with SMS Backup & Restore .

  1. To download SMS backup and restore from the Google Play Store and then launch the app. In the main menu, press Set up a backup to start the backup.

  2. Select the types of records you want to back up, be it text messages, phone calls or call logs; you have the option to backup all messages or only selected conversations.

    1. Remark . If you want, you can make sure that emoji or MMS messages (multimedia messages with photos, video or audio) are also included in the backup.
  3. Create a name for your backup so that you can easily find it later.

  4. Decide where to save the backup. You can save it directly to your Android device, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or email.

    1. Remark A: If you only save a backup on your Android device and something happens to the device, you could lose it. It’s always a good idea to keep a separate copy somewhere else.
  5. If you’d like to set a regular schedule for backing up your messages, you can do so in the app’s settings, located via the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines in the top left corner).

  1. When you’re ready to back up, click Make a backup in the lower right corner of the screen.

While the above process is the easiest way to backup your text messages, you can use the more advanced text backup options if you prefer. For example, you can also use the SMS Backup & Restore app to save SMS backups to an SD card, or even transfer new or existing SMS backups directly to another Android phone with Wi-Fi Direct- function.

Of course, there are other popular text message backup apps, including FonePaw Android Data Recovery, MobiKin Doctor for Android and Dr. phone for android.

Backup SMS on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you have some easy options to backup your text messages. The most obvious choice is iCloud, which allows you to back up text messages and other data on your phone. One caveat: once you delete a message from a device with iCloud, it’s likely gone forever, including your iPhone, as well as any other device that uses Messages in iCloud.

If you need a more reliable SMS backup, learn how to backup to iTunes in this article below. If you still want to try iCloud, here’s how to enable Messages in iCloud.

Back up text messages by turning on Messages in iCloud .

  1. Go to Settings .

  2. Click on your name

  3. Click iCloud .

  4. To turn on messages .

You did! Now your text messages will start backing up to iCloud.

Backup Text Messages in iTunes .

As said before, iTunes is another popular option to backup text messages on iPhone. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. iTunes should open automatically on your computer. If not, open it manually.

  2. Your iPhone may ask you to unlock it. If this happens, go ahead and do it.

  3. You should see your iPhone. If iTunes is open in the iTunes Store and it’s hard to find your iPhone, you’ll find a small iPhone icon just below and to the right of the Play button. Choose it.

  4. If you have automatic syncing turned on, your iPhone should automatically start syncing with your computer through iTunes.

    1. Advice . If this feature is not already enabled and you want to enable it, select automatic iCloud backup or automatic backup in iTunes In chapter Backups in the center left of the screen.
  5. To start a backup, select Back up now . You can also go to File > Devices > backup to start a one-time manual backup.

  6. iTunes will continue to back up your phone completely, including your text messages. This process takes a few minutes.

This iTunes backup method by SMS is good if you only want to back up data on your phone, including text messages. However, the only drawback is that you cannot select individual items to restore on your iPhone. If you need this kind of flexibility, consider using a third-party application.

Backup Text Messages on iPhone with a third-party app

If you want more control over how you back up your text messages than is possible with iCloud or iTunes, try a third-party app. Some third-party backup apps that have positive reviews online are PhoneRescue, Dr. Fone and Enigma recovery. Prices vary so you can shop around. Here’s how to backup text messages to your iPhone using Dr. phone.

  1. Download and install dr. Fone to your computer (Windows and Mac versions available).

  2. Open dr. fone on your computer.

  3. Choose panel To recover on the left side of the screen that opens.

    1. Remark. If your iPhone is not already connected to your computer, you will be prompted to connect it with a USB cable. Do it now. You may also need to unlock it to get Dr. Fone to give it access. If dr. Fone seems to be waiting for your iPhone to connect, then open it.

  4. You will see a window with a wide variety of recovery options to choose from. In the left pane, you can choose: Restore from iOS device , Restore from iTunes Backup File or Restore from iCloud backup file . For the purposes of this exercise, since the iTunes and iCloud options have already been described above, we’ll choose: Restore from iOS device .

  5. You will see two main sections in the window in front of you. Above you see Data removed from device . This box should already be checked. Below will be Existing data on the device ; as we want to recover deleted data, please uncheck the box next to it.

  1. There are still several options available in the top section to recover deleted data from the device. To recover deleted text messages, you need to check the box Messages and attachments . Feel free to check or uncheck the other boxes depending on whether you want to recover this type of data.

  2. When you’re ready to continue, select Start scan in the lower right corner of the window.

  3. dr. Von will now analyze and scan your iPhone for deleted texts; This may take some time.

  4. Finally, a new window should appear with the deleted text messages as they arrive. dr. Fone may continue to fetch messages for a few minutes after this point; You will see a timer in the top right corner of the window.

  5. When Dr. Fone is done, you can select the text messages you want to recover and then select: Export to Mac (or a similar notification for your Windows computer) in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  6. You can put dr. Fone on trial mode or, now that you’ve found out if it got your text messages, decided to buy a copy so you can back up those texts to your computer; an annual license costs $69.95 and a lifetime license costs $79.95.

This is it! Now that you know how to back up text messages to your phone, you can rest assured that those important text messages will remain safe, no matter what surprises life throws at you.

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