Snapchat’s new editor mode lets you make even better videos

Snap announced a new resource on Thursday called “Editor Mode,” which it believes will allow creators to produce more polished content in Snapchat, especially for the short video source of the TikTok application, Spotlight. Believe it or not, Director’s Mode is Snapchat’s most recent effort to challenge TikTok in its own game, and it’s not surprising, given TikTok’s growing popularity among teens and young users.

Snapchat started as a short-lived messaging app over the years and has become one of the best social media apps alongside Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. It is also leading the launch of new innovative resources such as Stories, AR selfie filters, Nametag, Discover feed, and many more. Many of these have been copied by other services, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As part of the Quarterly Snap Partner Summit (SPS) on Thursday, Snap announced a range of resources for Snapchat, including its new Managing Director. In a blog post detailing the source, Snap said it will provide a comprehensive suite of new creator-friendly editing tools and camera lenses that will make it easier to create more polished and engaging content on Snapchat.

Director mode also comes with dual camera functionality, allowing users to use the front and back cameras of the phone at the same time. It will also have a green canvas mode that will allow users to easily change the background plans of their videos, while a quick edit resource will help users draw and edit multiple Snaps with ease. The resource will be available on iOS for the first time “In the next months,” for the Android launch at the end of the year. It will be on the camera bar, but can also be accessed by pressing the ‘Criar‘no Spotlight.

Snap also announced a series of new AR tools for developers who need to add new AR resources to future lenses. That includes Ray Tracing, what Snap says “It gives the glossy reflections of AR objects in a realistic way.” We also promoted a multi-year package with Live Nation to launch AR experiences at shows and festivals. As part of the plan, these events will allow Snapchat users to experiment with retailers, find friends and discover landmarks at festival locations. Some of the festivities that will be Photo The AR treatment includes the Lollapalooza in Chicago, the Wireless Festival in London, the Rolling Loud in Miami and Governors Ball in New York.

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