Snapchat’s Pixy Drone Is Small, Cute, And Now Available For US$229

Nearly six years after announcing Spectacles as your first hardware product, Snapchat expand your hardware portfolio with the Pixy – a small drone that can capture and capture photos/videos of you. Snapchat’s evolution in camera space has been fascinating to watch. When Snapchat launched in 2011, it was an extremely basic photo sharing app, not very much. You downloaded Snapchat, sent photos to friends and immediately.

But Snapchat grew a loads of since then. The Snapchat app is now unrecognizable compared to what it appears to have been for years. It now supports video sharing, live video calling, powerful AR effects and much more. The same happens with the eyes. While the first generation model was a crack, the current Spectacles 3 is better in every way. Meanwhile, Snap is trying to get even further in the AR space with its ‘Next Generation Eyes’.

Now it’s time for Snap’s big change. At the company’s Snap Partner Summit on April 28, Snap announced Pixy. Pixy marks Snap’s first foray into the world of drones and, like Spectacles, Pixy is designed to bring a new camera perspective to all your Snapchat photos and videos. Compared to drones like the DJI Mavic 3 and DJI Mini 2, the Pixy is significantly smaller. Get a nice square body, four little helmets and a cute yellow paint. While DJI drones look like professional video equipment, the Pixy looks like a friendly spark.

In addition to the fun design, the Snap also tries something different in the way you use the Pixy. There is no control to run – no physical or virtual control application on your phone. At that point, Pixy launches and pushes without anything in his hand. When you’re ready to launch the Pixy, use the button at the top to select one of four flight modes – including Hover, Reveal, Follow and Orbit. Press the Enter button and attach Pixy to the palm of the hand with the camera at eye level. The Pixy emits a sound signal several times, launches into the air and immediately starts recording. When you’re ready to pose Pixy, you can simply pin his hand underneath. With its camera raised down, the Pixy detects its hand and pushes it firmly over it.

As with Spectacles, videos recorded on Pixy are not sent to the Snapchat app in the Snapchat memory library. You can edit Pixy videos the same way you do recorded videos on your phone – including lenses, glues, sounds, etc. You can also use the Snapchat app to edit Pixy’s flight modes, activate Lost Mode, and much more.

Where Pixy really stands out is with your price. For just US$229 you get the Pixy drone, a shock mount, transport connection, USB-C charging cable and a single battery (for 5-8 flights per charge). Alternatively, you can get the Pixy Flight Pack for US$249 and upgrade for both Snap batteries and a dual battery charger. The best part? Pixy is already available for purchase. The remittances don’t have to disappear for 11-12 weeks, but it’s still a big improvement over the foreign ATMs Snap used to launch Spectacles. While we don’t expect revolutionary video quality from Pixy, Snap can do something interesting with this. Pixy is fun, accessible and significantly more accessible than other popular camera drones on the market. The performance of Pixy by Snap hasn’t been seen yet, but on paper, Pixy looks like an adorable entry for the Snapchat world.

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