So it’s time for Samsung to take the Exynos off the hook

new information from and Samsung The domestic market suggests that the company plans to create a new family of chips for its Galaxy smartphones, which is surprising given that its Exynos chipsets have not yet reached the level of major players such as Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple. Since the Galaxy S introduced the “Hummingbird” chip in 2010, Samsung has launched cars with Exynos processors in certain markets. Samsung called on experts from Intel, ARM and AMD to shape its ambitions for Exynos, but the results were not promising.

Aside from the gap between the Exynos and its competitors, optimization has always been another problem, historically causing some horrific problems for Samsung car drivers using internal chips. From camera failure issues and GPS issues to faulty instability and room thermal management, the drivers with Exynos have built up a very good reputation over the course of two years. The chip quest has been transferred to another generation of phones in 2022, making the Galaxy S22 series the most recent example.

So, how does Samsung solve the Exynos problem? The most obvious answer is to book with the Exynos line and look elsewhere to buy chips for your phones, if only for flagships. But to do so is just an official acknowledgment that Exynos has always been a terrible product, and a blow to reputation will eventually attack Exynos’ prospects on low- and mid-range phones. Another solution is to go back and forth and make a better chip, while eliminating the Exynos brand at the same time. Samsung seems to be doing just that.Consistent with reports from Korean media iNews24Tae-moon Roh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, revealed at a meeting in the prefecture that the company will have processors exclusively for its Galaxy smartphones. Currently, Exynos chips are also used by other brands such as Vivo.

The comments from Samsung executives came in the wake of a recent controversy over restrictions related to the pre-installed Game Optimization Service (GOS) that downgraded or failed some products. While Samsung sees the distortion as a balance between providing ideal storage and cooling, the company has already launched an update that allows users to turn off the system.

However, it is not clear whether the Galaxy chips will be launched under the Exynos brand or will be completely new in this case. The latter makes more sense for Samsung. The Exynos brand does not have a better reputation, for some reason it has only deteriorated recently. On the other hand, Samsung’s partnership with AMD to improve the graphics performance of their chips is just beginning to manifest itself. Assuming the story is true, Samsung is confident or sufficient in its proven ability to create an advanced processor exclusive to Galaxy smartphones and considered better than previous Exynos chips.

Increase your efforts to offer better, renamed processors so that Samsung can live up to the reputation of the Exynos line and relaunch its ambitions to match the power and reliability of two mobile chips from Qualcomm and Apple as fragmented, but can be revived if renamed and Samsung In-house SoC companies provide better chips, a resource for Samsung and Galaxy smartphone users.

source: iNews24

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