Sony’s most recent LinkBuds don’t have a striking design

Sony is preparing a new listening phone that will be called LinkBuds, but unlike the first LinkBuds listening phones announced in February 2022, which have an atypical design, they have a traditional appearance. Sony seems to be moving to LinkBuds as the brand of their smartphones, much like Apple uses AirPods for its line of smartphones. That makes sense, since your previous nomenclature scheme used a combination of alphabets and numbers, it was a mouthful and confused by some people.

Sony audio products are highly sought after in your impressive audio suppression course. Its premium listening phones, the WH-1000XM4, are among the best noise-cancelling listening phones on the market and, in short, are set to become a successor. Now it looks like there will be a new one on the listening phones side too.

The following earphones will be available in at least two color options with a two-ton finish and matching bricks, as seen in images shared on Twitter by SnoopyTech user (@_snoopytech_† Launching as LinkBuds S (WF-LSN900), the headphones are featured with sporty silicone brakes and not the high-performance polyurethane foam brakes present in the premium WF-1000XM4 model. The LinkBuds S differs from the original LinkBuds not only in design but also in resources.

Unlike LinkBuds, which have an open design that allows for sound input, they have active volume cancellation to maintain volume. However, users can switch to an ambient mode to access the ambient sound. It also appears that adaptive mode can automatically switch between modes based on a user’s location based on the information provided by the source. This is a resource available on the WF-1000XM4 that can identify frequently visited locations such as a library or academy and automatically switch to a method that the user can use locally.

Details such as battery length, driver unit size, IP rating and price are currently unknown, but some sources found on Sony’s headphones are expected to reach LinkBuds S. One is the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) which removes the fittings and restores them to their original engraving. You also need Google Fast Pair to make getting started with Android devices easier and Swift Pair to get started with Windows devices. Sony will likely be compatible not only with Android and Windows devices, but iOS as well.

While the price is still the same, the LinkBuds S doesn’t have to cost as much as the WF-1000XM4, Sony’s most expensive phone, currently selling for $249 on its site. However, the date of cancellation is possible Sony price slightly higher than the US$179 LinkBuds at launch.

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