Sounds Ray Soundbar Fully Revealed in Official Appearance Photos

Sonos should launch its new Sonos Ray bar very soon and thanks to a series of official appearance photos that have just sold, the final design of the soundbar is practically confirmed. Sonos’ current soundbar line is in a decent place. The US$899 Sonos Arc offers the best Sonos resources. If you want something more accessible, the US$449 Sound Beam is a good alternative.

But $449 is still too much money for some people. It’s cheaper than the Sonos Arc, of course, but the Sonos Beam isn’t exactly a bar as “cheap.” This is what makes the Sonos Ray potentially emotional. late last month, a Beira reported that Sonos is developing a US$249 soundbar as a cheaper option to live on the Beam and Arc side. A few days later, a Beira also reported that a bar would be called “Sonos Ray.”

Now Sonos Ray is back – this is the most revealing reveal yet. On May 5, vazador SnoopyTech 15 new photos of Sonos Ray posted. The photos appear to be official Sonos images, meaning what we see here is likely the final design of Sonos Ray. equal to a BeiraOn the front row, the Sound Ray appears to have a round body, a grade of engineered plastic on the front, and capacitive touch controls on the top section to adjust volume and control audio playback.

Like the beam and the arc, the sound beams seem to end in black and white. The back of the soundbar also has a small receptor that closes all of the Ray’s IOs – including an Ethernet port, an optical audio port, a power input and a physical sync button. It is also striking that there is an HDMI port. Sound Beam and Sound Arc support HDMI eARC for a TV connection, but Ray relies on an optical connection. As with other Sound Sounds bars, you can use the Single Ray or synchronize it with other high pitched Sounds (such as two Sounds Ones).

Whether Sonos Ray is good or not remains to be seen, but from a design standpoint, the design patterns used by Sonos are completely in the picture. Ray looks elegant, minimalist and is something that you can easily place in any home theater environment. Rumors suggest that Sonos de Sonos Ray won’t launch in June, possibly alongside your own voice assistant to confront Google Assistant and Alexa.

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