Spotify users can now listen to audio live in the app

Spotify Its Clubhouse competitor, Greenroom, was renamed Spotify Live and integrated into Spotify’s main app. The ad appeared a few weeks ago Bloomberg Reporters say Spotify may change Spotify Greenroom’s name for something else while the real name is still in use. The report also clearly states that the company is committed to integrating real-time audio functionality into the main application.

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming platform for Apple Music, but the company also invests heavily in podcasts. The company has already spent a lot to acquire some of the most valuable podcasting properties in the world, while some of them have proved extremely controversial. A prime example of this is the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, which has been criticized several times for misinformation, including vaccine conspiracy theories.

Spotify has to announce that it has renamed its Greenroom live audio app for Spotify Live and integrated it into Spotify’s main app. As part of the changes, the main app currently only includes a selection of original shows, but independent creators can still go live with the independent Spotify Live app. TechCrunch Autonomous applications will continue to function normally, except for a name change. It doesn’t allow creators to interact with viewers in real time, but the main application doesn’t support it. Spotify also claims that the main Spotify app will only offer the company’s original live audio programming for at least a while.

To launch the Spotify app’s original programming, the company is broadcasting a live episode Drawing with DJ Akademiks But later today, followed by a live DJ from Swedish Mafia on April 15th. The company will also be broadcasting several other events in April and May, allowing users to see Spotify-derived live audio programs as the main application. According to the company, live events will be marked with a green label in the main application so that users can easily discover them.

Spotify launched Greenroom on Android and iOS a year ago, after acquiring app developer Betty Labs in March 2021, with the latest featuring a real-time audio app called Locker Room. The app was just renamed to Greenroom, but it was separate from the company’s main music and podcast products. It changes, of course, and the company is funding all three products in one application. It will be interesting to see if this creates a large audience for Spotify’s live audio show, which has been relatively receptive to reception thus far.

source: Spotify, TechCrunch

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