Spotify video podcasts are now available to all creators in the US

Spotify announced at Fifty-Five that all creators in select markets, including the United States, can now send video podcasts to the platform. Spotify originally began testing video podcasts on its app in mid-2020 before expanding the program to include more creators. Some of the first video podcasts included Zane and Heath: no filterBasketball book 2.0H3 podcastPodcast Dentes de Galoamong other things.

Technically, Spotify released video podcasts for everyone late last year, but creators have yet to sign up to join the program. This requirement is finally disappearing, meaning creators can now easily share video editions of their programs and without being overwhelmed by unnecessary process obstacles.

Spotify has announced that the video podcasts are now available to all creators in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. According to a press release, Spotify says all creators in the said markets will now have access to video upload resources on Anchor, Spotify’s free autopublish podcast division, which will distribute episodes directly on Spotify. The company also announced that it is adding a suite of new tools to support video podcast creators. New resources include support for podcast signatures, integration with Riverside, embedded videos, the option to “mass replace” audio episodes with video clips, video analytics, and more.

As part of Spotify’s plans to offer creators more ways to monetize your content, the Podcast Subscriptions option is now available for video podcasts as well. This allows the creators to implement signature plans for exclusive video content if desired. Spotify also says it is working to provide more monetization options for video podcast creators in the near future. Other existing audio podcast sources that now leverage video podcasts, including surveys and questions and answers, launched last year for users around the world. Video analytics will also be available to help podcasters understand how their videos are being played.

The source of mass replacement allows only the creators easily replace your existing audio episodes with video clips, while the embedded videos have the option of video podcasts already recorded from the platform and not yet played directly on the player. Finally, Spotify’s new partnership with Riverside allows creators to download and publish free video content using Riverside devices, then distribute their video podcast to Spotify through Anchor. However, the new resources are only available to creators in select markets, embora Spotify says it will add support for added markets in the future.

Source: Spotify

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