Spotify won’t show up now, so your controls will disappear

Spotify Now the play bar is essential for controlling your music, but unfortunately these controls disappear involuntarily for many users. Considering all it does, it’s a wonder the Spotify app has worked so well to get you started. Get a library of over 80,000 music but 3,000 podcasts and thanks to a recent Spotify Greenroom/Spotify Live integration you now have a live audio program that resembles a club. For an application that has just started as a way to listen to music, yes a mountain of Aconteceu on Spotify.

As usual with modern applications for smartphones, things don’t always go as they should. Server problems occasionally cause our applications to fail, new bugs to appear, and updates that interrupt critical functionality. Spotify is no stranger to these things. An ongoing problem is that your favorite songs are synced with other devices. Some users report that podcasts are restored randomly. A server outage in March last year completely ruined Spotify for a day. Spotify generally works well, but when something goes wrong, it can be extremely annoying.

This is the case when Spotify’s “Now Playing” bar is not displayed to any user. The Now Playing bar usually appears at the bottom of the Spotify app when you’re listening to music. It shows the title and artist of the music, the album art and buttons to pause/play the music. Unfortunately, the Now Playing bar will suddenly disappear for some Spotify users. Spotify community forum for complaints about the issue. To the user Rabisco declares, “Several times a day the playback control bar disappears and nothing has been touched recently. You can play music without pausing, tracking it.” from the user Paul 731 reporting the same problem, saying: “Why does my ‘Now Playing’ bar at the bottom of the app keep disappearing? I have to close and restore Spotify to recover. †

There are boas and more news about the disappearance of Now Playing controls. The best news is that you seem to have no way of manually solving the problem. Some users report that Spotify’s forced shutdown will slow down playback, but only temporarily. Others will report that I need to reset the internal phone so that “Now Playing” reappears.

good news? Spotify has a hundred of these issues and is actively working on a fix. From the Spotify community forum, the company has released an update soon. “You must succeed in short” and leave Now Playing back to normal. The cause of the problem is still unknown, but previous updates to the application may have behaved incorrectly.

Also, the current play bar doesn’t seem to affect Android users alone. If you have an Android phone and are having issues, it’s best to make sure automatic app updates are turned on in the Play Store. Open the Play Store on your phone, click the profile icon in the top right corner, click Configurations, click Network Preferences, and click Update apps automatically. Just set it to “over any network” or “over Wi-Fi” and the application will be updated in the second plan as new versions of the forum are available. Spotify Bugs are always annoying, but at least about the Now Playing bar disappearing should be corrected in short.

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