Starlink’s ‘Portability’ feature allows you to go online with you

starlink subscribers can now access your internet service on any supported site on the same continent for a monthly fee. Starlink offers its service through thousands of satellites on the bottom of the earth and has already reached a dedicated user base. However, the presence of so many satellites sparks a series of speculations between astronomers and astrophysics, concerned with the fact that these critical scientific images are bombarded by photos and influence important astrophysical observations.

Starlink operates in many countries around the world, including the United States. Embora, the company that plans to expand its services to more regions, has not been easy in some of the potentially more lucrative markets. For example, in India, the government regulatory body can accept prepaid payments without legal authorization and a set launch date. The service is also under scrutiny in the US, where many customers complain about long delays in getting a job despite paying a US$100 deposit.

In the FAQ section of your support page, Starlink says that customers with an additional monthly tax can now deliver the service to them wherever they want. As part of the plan, the company is offering a US$25 “Portability” supplement that allows subscribers Temporarily move your Starlink to any place where Starlink has active coverage within the same continent. However, the availability of the portability add-on does not mean that the service is available for use in mobile vehicles.

Starlink says it doesn’t support “Moving” use it now and using the Starlink kit in a moving vehicle will void the hardware warranty. It’s especially curious given that Starlink’s Internet service is already available online, and Hawaiian Airlines recently joined the company to offer free connections of up to 100 Mbps to its customers. The move was seen by many as the first step for the company to become a provider of high-speed internet services for airlines.

There’s no definitive word on whether Starlink will support mobile connectivity in the future, but Musk rather insinuado which the company aims to provide connectivity to mobile vehicles. Musk too tuitou that Starlink is the perfect internet service for campers on their trailers. But when you consider that moving from one location to another with Starlink now costs US$135 per month (plus taxes), it’s not exactly an incentive to use it as a service to every place.

The introduction of the US$25 portability supplement will take place weeks after Starlink raises its rates, increasing the cost of your hardware kit to US$599 and the monthly subscription tax to US$110. starlink blames inflation on the rise, explaining that using satellites to provide a wide range of space incurs additional operating costs compared to other internet service providers.

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