Due to the presence of a variety of interchangeable equipment, the cutter can be actively used to perform work of any complexity related to the processing of wood or a variety of parts made from different types of wood. To solve the most varied in their level of complexity of work, different types of cutters are produced for this power tool, each of which is designed to perform a specific task.


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The main purpose of groove cutters is to make special grooves on wooden workpieces or blanks using a hand-held power tool such as a cutter. It should be noted that there are several different subspecies of the groove cutter. They differ from each other in design features and functionality (used to solve various problems) and are of the following types:

  1. Spiral. In design, they are similar to a conventional drill and are equipped with an external spiral edge. Thanks to their use, it is possible to make various parts, wooden elements, with special recesses, as well as grooves made at right angles.
  2. Net. These nozzles have a rounded tip.
  3. Conical.
  4. Shaped. Thanks to their use, special recesses are made on wooden blanks, with the necessary structure for their further use.
  5. Combined. They are used in cases where it is necessary to join large and large wooden elements.

In addition, cutters are T-shaped. As a rule, such interchangeable equipment is made in a monolithic, one-piece form. In rare cases, there may be similar tooling in carbide metals.


An edger is used in cases where special grooves or edges need to be made on a piece of wood. This type of interchangeable tooling for routers is the most common.

There are several different modifications of trimmers:

  1. Cone. Used for chamfering which angle is 45 degrees.
  2. Profile. They are used when it is necessary to correct the shape of the edge of wooden parts and elements.
  3. Kalevochnye. They make it possible to round the edges of the parts of ¼ of the circumference.
  4. Disk.
  5. Net. Used to create grooves with a rounded shape directly on the edges. They are equipped with two bearings which prevent misalignment of the nozzle during operation.
  6. Folded. It is used in the case when you need to make a rectangular shaped groove.

Trimmers are equipped with a special bearing that limits the depth indicator when processing wooden parts. In addition, thanks to the presence of a bearing, the user can use these interchangeable nozzles when machining the edge or the end of the part, directly on the jig.


Combination type bits are a certain combination of keyway and tenon cutters, which are connected in one cutting element. The main purpose of this nozzle is to make panels, as well as wood panels using the method of joining sections along the edge and further building up the part (joining directly along the end).

There are several types of combination knives. These are universal tongue-and-groove frames (these are replaceable nozzles of composition that allow you to install cutting blades in a certain order).


These nozzles should be attributed to the universal cutter, which is actively used during the production of furniture or various interior items. Through the use of figure nozzles, grooves are selected, edges are made in the parts, as well as various recesses. Also, these nozzles are used in cases where you need to bevel.

It should be noted that due to the fact that the figurative phrase rotates at high speed, burrs and chips do not appear on the surface of the processed material. In addition, this nozzle is actively used when making tips or processing panels. With its help, various elements are made that are used when assembling furniture or doors. In addition, this tool is indispensable when making cornices, as well as baseboards.