Switch to plain HTML view in Gmail Basic

Gmail offers a simple HTML interface for a fast and functional email experience in any browser.

  1. Simple and simply unsurpassed?
  2. Switch to Gmail Basic HTML View
  3. Go to the full default view of Gmail
  4. Force full default Gmail view in your browser
  5. Features not available in Gmail Basic HTML

Simple and simply unsurpassed?

George R. Martin famously writes his novels Song of Ice and Fire , with WordStar 4.0, the software, which is about 30 years old, is no longer supported and only runs in DOS. for what? He continued to find the word processor “unsurpassed”.

Gmail offers a simple, simple HTML interface for those who prefer less bells and whistles. It resembles previous versions of Google’s email service in appearance and relies only on the browser’s most essential functions.

Gmail Basic HTML should be fast and functional (though perhaps a little less user-friendly) in almost any browser on any device or platform.

Switch to Gmail Basic HTML View

To open Gmail in a simple HTML view (similar to previous versions of Gmail), which should work in almost any browser:

  1. Open the HTML Gmail link in your browser.

    Shortcut for HTML Gmail

    You will most likely be asked not use the HTML version.

  2. Sign in to your Google account when prompted. If you’re already signed in to Gmail with a browser, you don’t need to re-enter your credentials.

    With 2-Step Verification enabled:

    • Get the login code via the app, SMS code or phone call.

    • Type or paste the code in the field Enter the 6 digit code in section Enter the confirmation code

    • Select Finished

  3. You will be presented with your mailbox in the Gmail HTML user interface.

Go to the full default view of Gmail

To try to access the standard and full Gmail interface from Gmail Basic HTML (for example, if you opened HTML view due to a temporary slow internet connection), follow the link default- in section Gmail View in the footer area of ​​your Gmail inbox.

Force full default Gmail view in your browser

To have Gmail load in the default view, even if your browser or connection automatically loads it in the default HTML view, open http://mail.google.com/mail?nocheckbrowser in your browser.

Depending on your browser, some features may not work in the default Gmail view if you force download them, or the Gmail interface or individual emails may not display correctly.

Features not available in Gmail Basic HTML

As fast and powerful as Gmail Basic HTML is, it’s certainly not without flaws; some actions are less responsive – after all, a new page has to be loaded in the browser – and some Gmail features are not available at all in Basic HTML view.

Notably, Gmail Basic HTML does not include:

  • Gmail keyboard shortcuts

  • Custom Shipping Addresses

  • HTML markup in emails you send

  • Browser independent spell checker

  • Access Gmail tasks and Google Talk chat

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