Tech Gadgets and Office Gifts for Under $10

Office gifts can range from the weird to the sublime.

Whatever mood you choose, here’s a list of office gifts that are sure to make you emotional for some reason… for $10 or less.

Depending on your schedule, these office gift ideas can be ordered online.

  1. Cleaning Pad Technology
  2. Storage for cables and cords
  3. Stands for tablets and smartphones
  4. Instagram Photo Magnets
  5. jelly lens stretch
  6. cell phone strap
  7. flat flashlight
  8. Gift Boombox Speakers
  9. Popular eGift Cards for $10 or Less

Cleaning Pad Technology

Electronic displays should not be wiped with any cloth. These microfiber fabrics have designer patterns for you to choose from. Pretty nice gift!

Storage for cables and cords

Help your colleagues in the fight against crossed wires. This gift makes a lot of sense for crowded tables.

Stands for tablets and smartphones

Device stands are a great gift that people can use for desktops, travel and even cooking.

Tablet and smartphone tablets are everywhere. Maybe someone on your team will love this!

Instagram Photo Magnets

If you’ve shared a photo with another Instagrammer, consider tagging it with something like this custom photo magnet.

jelly lens stretch

You can find numerous lenses to add directly to your smartphone. They change the way your phone’s built-in camera captures an image. Please note that for such gifts, it is recommended to ensure that the recipient’s phone is compatible.

cell phone strap

You can find many wristbands to attach to device cases, but this one is really cool.

Order a cell phone strap like these fun metal cell phone bracelets from ShopTrokm (pronounced t-rock-em) for $10.

I love that you can customize the colors, length and design. I also love that this company has started a project called “Cause for Good” where 25% of phone case sales are donated to a non-profit or charity. Pretty awesome!

flat flashlight

A flashlight will come in handy. This one doubles as part of the conversation. This flat design is absolutely unique and can make a fun, affordable office gift for someone on your team.

Gift Boombox Speakers

While it’s by no means comparable to more expensive electronics, the old-fashioned design is sure to put a smile on your face, while still giving you or someone else the ability to listen to audio on the go.

Popular eGift Cards for $10 or Less

You can go digital and still give something with a personal touch.

For example, choose specific apps yourself with something like Wrapp, or buy credit in the mobile app store. Make sure you first know what type of smartphone or tablet the receiver is using.

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