Telegram adds custom notification sounds, custom silence durations and much more

Telegram launched a new update for Android and iPhone users, with a variety of resources, including custom notification sounds and custom silence duration. This is the third update that Telegram launched in 2022. In March, the messaging app redesigned its media file sharing system. The app also improves the download management system, which now allows users to track and cancel or prioritize all downloads in progress.

In January, Telegram introduced Message Replies. The source allows users to quickly respond to messages by double tapping for a polished response at the top and a single tap (Android) or protect the message (iOS) for more response options such as sad smile, fire emoji and many more Lake. When users reply to a message, the reply appears on the screen with exclusive animation. Users can also change the pattern response in the settings. While the resource can be used to express thoughts about a specific post in private forums, administrators can use it to collect feedback from a group of users, limiting response options to your positive or negative vote.

The new update telegram is now being launched for users around the world. It comes with many new and best made resources from previously available resources. Starting with custom notification sounds, users can now use anything as a notification tone, including their favorite music or meme, and create custom alerts for different bats. To enable it, tap and protect a small audio file or voice message in Telegram and select Save for notifications† Now you have the notification number picker in the contact profile and the selection To adjust† Select or save before from the menu shown to define a custom notification type for that particular bat.

Another new resource that is part of Telegram’s update is Custom Mute Durations. As the name suggests, the resource allows Telegram users to silence any bat for a set duration, which can be an hour, eight hours, a day, a week, or even a month. Users can set the duration of: Silence forThe option found on the bate-papo information page on iPhone and beyond notifications menu on the information page on Android. A similar resource introduced in the update allows users to define custom durations for automatically excluding messages in a sticker. The automatic exclusion can be activated in the three-dot menu on a bate-papo information page. Similarly, Telegram also starts showing the origin of a blocked message.

While these resources are already available to regular users, the new Telegram update has something for developers too. The instant messaging platform provides developers with tools”to create infinitely flexible interfaces with JavaScript† The Telegram states that developers can replace sites using bots on the messaging platform, designing automated solutions to perform specific tasks such as paying accounts, playing games and much more. Telegram improved message translations to include more languages ​​and updated Picture-in-Picture mode with a better player window.

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