Tesla continues its global transition from Radar to Tesla Vision

Tesla It is leaving the radar in favor of Tesla’s Vision Autopilot system in Model 3 and Model Y in European and Middle Eastern markets. Part of the company’s planned transition to vision-based Autopilot technology, which will initially launch for both models in 2021. Transition of Model S and Model X radar for Tesla Vision in the US in February 2022

In May 2021, Elon Musk says that the Tesla logo will begin implementing “Pure Vision Autopilot” in its cars sold in the North American market. The system the company calls “Tesla Vision” removes the front radar from the autopilot hardware and uses only cameras and neural network processing for navigation. The system, built with technology from chipmaker Nvidia, powers Tesla’s latest-generation autopilot and autopilot.

Tesla has announced that it has begun transitioning its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to Tesla Vision in Europe and the Middle East in April 2022. There will be some time limits for the transition, not yet. According to Tesla, the automatic direction will be limited to a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour, while the minimum following distance will be greater. That way, there will be no further changes and all Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) resources will be active from the start. Of the two limited resources, Tesla says they will also be restored via an OTA upgrade. “In the coming weeks.”

Tesla confirms that the transition to the Tesla Vision will not affect the vehicle’s compliance with European packaging safety regulations. Second for the company, “The vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision meet the same collision safety regulations required by law as the vehicles equipped with radar.” However, it is worth noting that, Consumer Reports The Tesla Model 3 is the school vehicle after it temporarily gave up some of its security resources in 2021. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) These assets, including front collision warnings and automatic emergency braking, will continue uninterrupted in Europe and the Middle East following the transition to Tesla Vision in the US.

Elon Musk is one of the two biggest off-camera defense defenders, insisting the Tesla Vision is safer than the company’s combination of radar and navigation based on vision.de agrees with one New York Times Musk also repeatedly claimed that camera technology is the closest thing to a real human driver, because the cameras work in the same way as the human eye, unparalleled. However, this analogy has been described as a failure by several specialists in the automatic direction and by some. Tesla Operators defend an automatic directional system that combines cameras with radar and other sensors to improve navigation in harsh climatic conditions.

source: Tesla, New York Times

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