Tesla exits the EV track market with the launch of the Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford began production of the picape F-150 Lightning as part of their effort to power the best-selling model in the US market. Americans have a seemingly insatiable appetite for Ford’s F-series, and the F-150 is the crown jewel in the company’s lineup. The petrol version is currently in its 14th generation, which was initially launched in 1948. The electric version was unveiled in May 2021, before Ford announced more information about its range in the past.

Electric cars (EVs) are becoming more popular every time, with most drivers launching completely new electric cars or adding electric versions of popular models to their range. While most of the first electric passenger cars were hatchbacks and sedans, companies are now also introducing all-electric sports cars, SUVs, and pickup. While several electric scooters have already been announced, the F-150 Lightning will be the first conventional real estate electric scooter in the US market.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickups have begun taking off from the company’s production line in Dearborn, Michigan. Initial response to the article suggests it has been a resounding success, with Ford claiming it has already received more than 200,000 reservations. Thanks to esmagadora, the company has improved its production capacity. It now plans to build 150,000 units of the F-150 Lightning by 2023. In a press release on the third day, Ford said the road will not only bring new customers to the company, but also… “Many of them convert into street vendors or electric vehicles.” While that, even with the F-150 Lightning all received in print this week, Ram provoked his next 1500 electric cars were on Twitter, apparently to launch shady in Ford’s big launch today.

While EVs are still a niche segment of the auto market in most parts of the world, many drivers are preparing to be fully electrified or at least offer electric options in all market segments by the end of this decade. The electric scooter segment is also stalling with the announcement of a range of new models, including the Chevy Silverado EV, Hummer EV, RAM 1500 EV and Rivian R1T EV. Then there’s the enigma that is Tesla’s Cybertruck, which was unveiled in 2019 but kept disappearing for nearly three years after its announcement.

The production of Cybertruck has been delayed several times, but Musk recently confirmed that it will finally be on sale next year. While this is good news for potential buyers and investors, late entry into the market will mean it will not help pioneering. In the meantime, it will launch a range of suppliers, many with more experience in the automotive market and much larger distribution networks and services. Somehow, with the electric vacuum market being shaped for what it is, Tesla and its fans are hoping the company won’t pick up on more. If the company wants to compete on the same terms Ford F-150 Lightning and other light bulbs to hit the market will not be delayed until the Cybertruck launch.

Source: Ford, Ram Trucks/Twitter

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