Tesla Launches Lucid Air Series, Meets EV Benchmarking

Tesla Lucid Air can finally release the series as a potential diversion in the realm of luxury electric cars. There is evidence that Tesla is testing Lucid Air, which is very profitable for Tesla. While other EV manufacturers normally buy Tesla vehicles for testing, the major EV manufacturers usually compare themselves to the same.

Tesla cars are often compared to faster gasoline-powered cars and in most cases, Tesla can easily pass the speed test. The Model S Plaid reaches 60 mph in less than two seconds, turning a car very fast. Tesla also put its yet-to-be-launched Cybertruck into a successive war with a Ford F-150. While the Cybertruck is underway, it can tow the F-150 after the Ford tires smoke. Distance is another question, and in a tough distance race, Tesla can stop exactly to recharge and, sadly, stop for later.

The relevance of these front-to-back or back-to-back tests is easily questioned when applied to the life of cotidiana. However, they help to highlight the strengths of different vehicles. Tesla’s battery-powered electric motors have many advantages over fossil fuels. The most intriguing disappointment is how Tesla cars will resist new EVs that spread and adorn. Tesla is smart and reliable, but probably not smart enough to clear up the confusion caused by Lucid Air, a luxury electric vehicle with a range of more than 500 miles. The Model S can travel nearly 400 miles on a full charge. Tell me why the Lucid Air was captured by a drone on a test track at the Fremont da Telsa factory. Video Posted on YouTube Channel Meet God in the Wilderness. The video noted that the factory was strangely tired that day, so I don’t want to keep the tests private.

Lucid’s top-of-the-line luxury car, the Lucid Air Dream Edition, costs US$169,900, but the base model costs just US$77,400. Tesla’s Model S starts at US$79,990 and up to US$129,990 for the Plaid. In either case, these cars don’t mean much sales. This means that price is not as important to the problem as other details. Luxury cars offer a lot of convenience, but to attract sports cars there are different types of cars. For Tesla, it’s a Roadster that hasn’t been updated in years. Lucid has yet to build a sports car aimed at satisfying the EV luxury car market.

On the luxury front, Tesla’s Model S Plaid is beautiful, but it faces the default settings of the Lucid Air Dream Machine, which has a superior speed with a battery coming in and speeds from 0 to 60 almost as fast as 2, 5 seconds by Tesla. , and undoubtedly more elegant. Tesla has the advantage of being more mature, with an infinite number of Supercharger stations that can charge incredibly quickly. However, the Lucid is generally considered a more luxurious car and most likely alleviates concerns about availability and fast charging speed. This next game explains why Tesla Apparently leaving Lucid but finally serious.

source: Finding God in the Desert/YouTube

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