Tesla owner says car’s computer crashed at 83 mph

In California, um Tesla The car owner reported that his car’s computer was damaged en route. Elon Musk’s eclectic car company is known as defeituosa. As a result, there are several recalls. In February, the company collected nearly 600,000 vehicles by exposing two pedestrian alarm systems. Meanwhile, Tesla is restoring 800,000 vehicles without even dealing with security warnings. Fortunately, these tricks can be corrected with an over-the-air update (OTA).

Earlier this year, a popular YouTube channel posted a video of a test drive of the Tesla Autopilot update, version 10.10, and found a number of bugs. This also applies to passing green lights and green pillars. This can be a substitute for motorists on the road. It is especially jarring when driving at high speed on the road. The last thing they want is a system failure. When we have a problem with smaller machines, such as laptops and smartphones, it’s not surprising that bigger machines have problems, but when the safety of motorists and passers-by is a priority, manufacturers have to do a better job of making sure these problems don’t happen. dissolved. addressed.

in accordance with ABC 7 eye drops newsThe computer fabric of Javier Rodriguez’ new Tesla Model 3 froze while driving at 83 mph in the Los Angeles area. The motorist claimed none of the buttons or breakers worked,” he said.Includes fish and pear lights† The accelerator pedal did not respond either. Luckily the brakes were still working, but Rodriguez realized that if the brakes were too tight they couldn’t keep up with the brakes and someone could close them. A California Motor Vehicle Patrol officer helped Tes Puxou get the motorist off the road, the vehicle went back to work and everything appeared to be fine, Rodriguez returned the car for inspection.

Tesla doesn’t know what caused the problem, but says it has been fixed. Rodriguez says the narrator says:Diagnostic and found that the wide communication with the load gate door is made so that the energy conversion system is fitted to protect the integrated components during the unit.“The problem was with the loading gate, which was known to cause problems in the past. However, it is generally tempting to charge the car, not while driving.

It’s not reassuring to know that a home connection will cause the system to crash. However, it is imperative that Tesla’s explanation does not calm Rodriguez. There are plenty of hazards on the road that motorists should avoid. They are also deceptive for not specifying their own car. However, this is not surprising Tesla Vago about the details. The company also has a recall suit. He will not admit mistakes unless forced to.

source: ABC 7 eye drops news

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