Tesla takes note of Apple, mobile connector sold separately

Tesla Decide not to include the mobile connector in the electric vehicles you buy. This isn’t the first company to sell chargers separately, but Apple and Samsung’s assumption is that users already have power adapters. To drive an electric car, it can be a person’s first smartphone, and it is impractical to be a user’s first smartphone.

This logo will appear after Tesla raises the price of all its vehicles from US$2,000 to US$10,000 due to inflation. Between the pandemic and the Russo-Ukrainian war, the electric car company was not immune to the problems with the supply of supplements and the rise in the prices of the materials needed to make their cars. Price increases for Model 3 and Model 3 and Model Y are not expected for the California EV discount. Electric vehicles can now be out of the way for people, bringing more revenue costs that are more difficult for consumers looking to switch to electric vehicles.

Twitter user Tesla_Adri Please note that Tesla has made changes to its site. After a certain time, the mobile connector will stop showing”incidental [the] vehicle† “It is now listed at US$400. Elon Musk Responded to a Twitter user who complained about the decision, replying that using the mobile connector was below. The advantage of this movement, I emphasize, is “We will include more plug adapters in the mobile connector kit† “There is another option US$400 Mobile Connector, this is US$275 2nd Generation Mobile Connector pack, but the charging speed is much slower. Currently, the mobile connector is out of stock. Obviously, cellular connectors aren’t the only option for charging EVs. Tesla also sells a wall connector for US$495.

Other electric vehicle brands also include cell phone chargers in their car purchases. People were outraged when Apple tried to deliver carriers to the box, but Samsung quickly followed suit. It’s only a matter of time before other EV companies think it’s a good idea. If more charging stations are needed, the mobile connector may not be needed anymore. Musk also tweeted that if the owner had a wall connector or used a supercharger, it wouldn’t be necessary.

Musk, meanwhile, listened to the complaints, saying the company is cutting the price of the mobile connector to $200 and “easy to recommend [a] carro.“The site still says US$400 at launch, then Tesla Buyers will have to wait and see if this price becomes official. It is not clear whether it is the cable connector or the 2nd generation mobile connector. Electric car buyers will also have to wait and see how this affects the rest of the industry.

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