Tesla’s latest bug doesn’t let drivers know how fast they are indoors

Tesla is recalling some Model 3 Performance vehicles due to a good speed display feature during Track Mode. These electric vehicles get a lot of recalls and this is dangerous. Earlier this year, the company collected 800,000 cars with a crash in the Safety Five Alert system. And this logo after the Full Self Driving (FSD) source is restored due to rolling stops. Fortunately, these issues can be remedied with over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

So, what is Track mode? It was designed for closed circuit driving to give drivers more stability control, maximum suspension, transmission control and regenerative braking. The cooling system also works at a higher level so that the car can absorb the extra heat. Track mode is automatically turned off so that the driver can use it for the track. The owner can easily activate it by going to Controls > Payments and Address > Streaming Mode. Drivers can also customize the configuration by selecting Customize next to Triple Mode. This source also allows users to record their sessions using the Lap Timer.

Tesla crashed about 48,000 vehicles when the speed was not displayed on the speedometer while the car was in Track mode. This includes Model 3 Performance vehicles from 2018 to 2022. Owners of these vehicles will receive a card”to be shipped on June 6, 2022† Tesla is also correcting this issue with OTA updates. Motorists can find out if their EV is affected by this problem by searching the car’s VIN on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site. I agree with ReutersTesla says a firmware update launched in December accidentally removed the speed unit from the user interface.

However, this problem should not affect all motorists, because not everyone will drive on the tracks, as evidenced by the errors in using Smart Summon and FSD resources, these resources are not always used as they should. Apart from that, I don’t know how fast the car is dangerous in any situation. Motorists may lose control of the vehicle while driving at high speed.

All technologies can be bugs. Smartphones, for example, regularly get bugs, but reckless calling isn’t as dangerous as a car crash. Recently, the computer in a Tesla owner’s car froze at 130 km/h. Apparently he didn’t fail Tesla confirm that the problem has been fixed, but someone has been working on it since then. People who use these advanced means should be careful as they are known for these problems.

Source: National Road Safety Administration, Reuters

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